Zero Calorie Fatness
This happens every day at your Starbucks when you order the sugar free mocha venti latte
Unluckily for everyone, Splenda doesn’t work.

So, there’s a study out that seems to suggest that Splenda will raise your insulin levels 20 percent higher than glucose and water alone.  No big deal, right?  That just means that Splenda has a glycemic index of 120.  I wonder if any of you Splenda lovers have had this happen to you.  You drink a splenda’d drink or whatever and then get hungry or tired?  Yup, that’s the insulin spike and zero calories combining to have your body rip whatever calories are actually in your blood stream to put it in to your fat cells.  That will make you very tired with the loss of available energy and quite possibly hungrier than you already were.  Basically, it’s worse than skim milk.

funny that asking for skim milk would only make it worse
funny that asking for skim milk would only make it worse

And isn’t that a kick in the shin?  Here you are, trying to eat smart, get your sweet fix and boom, you somehow keep gaining weight?  Isn’t that the real lament from many dieters?  “I am trying my best but I still gain weight!”

So, what’s going on?

Apparently, your liver and your tastebuds are that different.  The liver senses the sweetness, even though there’s no calories, and then the liver goes about its business producing insulin in response to that sweetness.

Quite simply, it’s the sweetness stupid.  And, what? Splenda is 600 times sweeter than sugar?

splenda weight gain



Think back to your dieting efforts, what has been your biggest frustration.  In the past few years, I know that I tried low-carbing though adding splenda to various recipes.  I’ve made low fat, low carb cookies with meringue and almond paste.  With Splenda.  I’ve made homemade lemoncello … with splenda as the sweetener.  Who knows what I blames for any weight gain during that time?  What did you blame?

What’s really interesting is the counter-intuitive things you can do to lower a food’s glycemic index.  Ever feel guilty for putting butter on that bread?  Well, it seems that adding some nice fat to it will make it all right.  Some may put butter on their french bread or, be like the French, and finish the meal with a nice cheese course.  And yes, that may mean that your slice of pepperoni and bacon pizza is healthier than the plain cheese slice.

That said, it’s probably time to rethink your diet.  And that starts with your sweet tooth.  That need for sweets is probably what’s giving you your fail.  Step number 2?  Reconsider “diet” products.  Especially artificial sweeteners.  Even more especially low-fat products marked as healthy, they almost always cover the bad taste of the lack of fat with extra sugar.

Basically, learn to love the savory stuff and avoid the sweets.  It’s funny to think that the Beer and Wings are the healthiest items on the menu.


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