Workouts For Speed Rope

Speed rope is definitely an awesome way to get fit, lose weight and remain healthy but some people have been heard to say they find it a bit on the dull side! Clearly, these individuals have never truly explored the fantastic world of skipping rope workouts!


Jumping rope on the spot for a long period of time is probably quite dull but there is really no good reason why you have to limit yourself to such unexciting exercises. Yes, it is nice to switch off your brain from time to time and just put on your favourite music and skip away but if you would like something more exciting then read on…

Speed Rope Interval Training

Interval training involves alternating periods of high intensity activity with periods of low intensity rest and is definitely an ideal way to crank up your fitness and fat burning while making your workout shorter. Try jumping rope as fast as you can for 30 seconds and after that rest for 60 seconds. Repeat ten times for an effective 15 minute blast of cardio and fat burning. Looking for a greater challenge? Make like a boxer and jump rope for three minutes and after that rest for one. This simulates the demands of rounds of boxing but without the danger of getting punched in the nose! Perform three to six rounds.

If you are searching for the daddy of all interval training exercises, try a Tabata. Tabatas involve working flat out for 20 seconds and after that resting for 10 seconds. Repeat this sequence eight to ten times for a four to five minute workout guaranteed to leave you feeling like that was the longest couple of minutes of your life. For extra credits, try doing double unders – two rope turns per jump.

Speed Rope Circuit Training

Circuit training is a great way to develop cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance simultaneously and it additionally is a terrific fat burner. Try this easy bodyweight circuit workout which works each of your major muscles and will burn a large amount of calories too.

30 seconds jump rope

30 seconds press ups

30 seconds jump rope

30 seconds squats

30 seconds jump rope

30 seconds crunches

30 seconds jump rope

30 seconds burpees

Rest 30 – 60 seconds and after that repeat the whole sequence three to five times.

Speed Rope and Weight Training

Plenty of individuals do 20 to 30 minutes of cardio following their weights workout in an effort to burn calories, slim down and get fit. This method works but also means your workout can become very long. Instead, try doing 30 to 60 seconds of skipping rope between sets of each exercise. This will not just save you time, the brief period of jumping rope will also enhance your recovery so you will be in a position to work out harder than normal. Saves you time while delivering better results; what’s not to love about jumping rope?

Learn Some Tricks

As soon as you have mastered fundamental jump rope, it is time for you to start getting fancy and learn some tricks. Although initially you might spend as a lot time tripping over your rope as you do leaping gracefully over it, learning tricks is a great way to have fun while you work out. Learn how to do double and triple unders, cross overs, turns, knee lift sprints and any number of tricks you are able to find on YouTube. Not only will your fitness levels soar, you’ll be cool as cool can be whenever you get your skipping rope out and start busting some moves at the gym!

Don’t limit yourself to slow and steady jump rope workouts; try these workouts or use your imagination so that you reap all of the benefits that this excellent training tool has to offer.

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