Women and Weight Lifting: Evolution of The Species


Weight lifting has often been associated with men who want to become bodybuilders, then after some time, it was included into the fitness regime of a modern man. All the boys who wanted to look like Rambo, started following a regular weight lifting routine in the gym.

Then with the time shift women started realising the importance of weight lifting to stay fit and burn extra calories and all that extra fat. But even today some women feel that lifting weights is going to make them look big and muscular like men. We want to break this myth and reveal the facts, it is actually beneficial for women just like for men. It’s high time for all the women to evolve into their fit avatar. Below are the reasons which are good enough to push all those women into the gym and start lifting right away.

Fat loss and toned muscles

It’s true that cardio is a great way to burn calories and lose weight, but during cardio along with losing fat you also tend to lose muscles, which makes you look thin and frail. When you add a moderate weight lifting in your fitness routine, not only you burn fat, you also put on lean muscles to give you a toned and sexy look. A high-intensity session can burn up to 500 calories per hour

A good weight lifting session results in your body consuming more oxygen, when your body consumes more oxygen the metabolic rate increases and you burn more calories. It helps to boost metabolic rate for up to 24 hours post-workout. The more intense the workout, the more calories you’ll burn post-workout via boosted metabolism. Women have 30 times less hormones than men to cause muscle hypertrophy, so don’t worry about turning into a bodybuilder by lifting weights.

Mental alertness and strong body

With regular weight lifting in the gym, you experience a drastic increase in your overall strength. It stimulates the mind, improves alertness. It will make you more self-reliant in doing your daily activities, carrying shopping and grocery bags and even lifting your kids. You will be less likely to face back injury or any other joint pain or fatigue as compared to women who don’t do weight lifting. It also builds stronger connective tissues and increases joint stability. This acts as reinforcement for the joints and helps prevent injury. You will transform into stronger specie.

Fight against diabetes


Weight training may improve the way the body processes sugar, which may reduce the risk of diabetes. Weight training can increase glucose utilization in the body.

Stronger bones

Weight lifting not only strengthens your muscles; it also strengthens your bones. Regular lifting increases bone density, which reduces the risk of fracture and osteoporosis. Especially for postmenopausal women, lifting helps in increasing the spinal bone mass and overall bone density, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Stronger heart

When you lift weights your heart pumps blood more efficiently and gets stronger. It also serves to increase HDL cholesterol. Women who lift weights are less likely to have high triglycerides, elevated blood pressure, resting heart rate, and elevated glucose levels thus reducing the chances of heart disease.

Stress buster

Exercise is a great way to bust stress. Resistance-training studies on older adults show that moderate intensity weightlifting improves memory and cognitive function. Weight lifting is one of the best ways to naturally improve mood. It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Exercise and weight-training release endorphins-neurotransmitters that prevent pain, improve mood, and enhance pleasure.

Source by Ajay Balhara


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