Why You Should Try A Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet


With obesity becoming an epidemic it is a wonder that the simplest answer in the world sits right before all those who suffer from being overweight. It is almost always a person’s diet that is the culprit when it comes to being too big for their jeans.

The problem is that too many people are not active anymore. All diet pill pushers tell you that with the right diet and exercise and the addition of their pills you will lose weight. The truth is, if you had the right diet and exercise now you would not need their pills.


Age does have a little to do with weight loss or gain. Kids are a lot more active than adults. Between the ages of birth and about twenty, weight is usually not a problem. After that the body starts changing.

A vegetarian weight loss diet is an important part of your daily needs. They are low calorie, can be high in protein, have high mineral and vitamin counts, and are low in carbohydrates. They are low in just about everything that is bad for you but high in taste. You should cut out bread, pasta and potatoes. All of these items are full of starch which once in your bloodstream become sugar. This is not so easy to digest, so most of it is stored in the fat cells for later use. The problem is that later you still do not need it so it stays in the fat cells.

Once you remove the excess starches from your everyday meals you will be able to watch the inches drop away. Instead of going after common snacks and grabbing a handful of chips, grab a handful of broccoli. Dip it in your favorite dressing and you will be doing great. Salad can be made with many vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, zucchini, olives, and even radishes. They add color and different flavors to the meal. Splash a little of your favorite dressing and watch the pounds and inches slide away.

Some people do eat some meats with their vegetarian weight loss diets. Eggs are usually acceptable and so is milk, even though they come with high protein and milk has a high caloric count and fat. Chicken or turkey is often added to salads too for those who think there are not enough proteins in vegetables alone.

Recipes for a vegetarian weight loss diet can be found in lots of places. Book stores, diabetic cook books, weight loss cook books and online websites have a lot of vegetarian menus. Eating healthy is going to lead you toward weight loss much faster than any other method you can use. It is very important to get plenty of exercise but if you run ten miles a day and eat two bags of chips at night you will still be overweight. But with this vegetarian diet, you will see results in weight loss and greater well being as well. Plus you will be much healthier.

Source by Suzanna Hardaway


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