Why Vegan Weight Loss?


 Vegan   diet  is the healthiest  diet  and anyone following it has less chance of getting in to any heart disease, diabetes, cancer or other diseases arising from excess  weight . It is a healthy and effective way to lose  weight  fast and safely. A healthy  vegan   weight   loss   diet  consists of food items with good fat which provide nutrition to the body.

Studies and researches have proved that a plant-based  diet  is much more effective in  weight   loss  than a non-vegetarian  diet . A  vegan   diet  allows you to have unlimited quantities of fruits and vegetables and lose  weight  effectively without feeling hungry. It limits the consumption of high calorie food and instead replaces them by vegetables, fruits and grains which have very low fat or good fat.

One should not get confused between a vegetarian  diet  and  vegan   weight   loss   diet . Although a  vegan   diet  most of the times include vegetarian items but it should not be confused with a vegetarian  diet . A vegetarian  diet  might sometimes increase  weight  and calorie intake through consumption of certain items. Thus care should be taken while selecting the right  vegan  plan.

A  vegan   diet  mainly comprises of lots of vegetables, specified amount of fruits and specified amount of some vegetarian items including good fat. The fruit and items with good fat intake depend on how one reacts to these items and whether there is  weight   loss  in the process. On the basis of each body structure and how they react, the fruit intake might be replaced by more vegetable intake. Also, when including grains and carbohydrate in the  diet , the same measure has to be followed, that is, starting from a minimum quantity intake and following up how the body reacts to it.

People on  vegan   diet  usually eliminate all products from animals like meat, poultry, egg, milk, cheese, etc. They only consume plant-based products.

However they need to find some alternative to these for their protein consumption since that is a vital body nutrient. Instead of cow milk, one can have soy milk, rice milk or almond milk. You can use water, vegetable broth, wine or nonfat cooking sprays in place of butter. Use of canola oil while baking is a good option. You can use soy cheese or nutritional yeast flakes as alternatives to cheese. While baking, use commercial egg replacers (made of potato starch), that are available in the market.

Cut down on your fat intake; make sure your food includes only good fat and that too in minimal quantity. Avoid fried food and replace snacks with vegetables and fruits. Consumption of cereals should be high on list. Start the day with high fiber breakfast and do not skip your meals during the day. Along with the  diet  increase your activity level. Take up some regular exercises or workout at gyms. Aerobics or dancing can also be taken up. Devote considerable time to exercises to burn up the excess fat.

A  vegan   diet  brings  weight   loss  gradually and it is the healthiest way to  weight   loss . It is better than an all vegetarian or meat-based  diet .  Vegan   diet  brings positive health benefits.


Source by Johan Knutsson


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