“Why did it take 20 years before the original evidence was accepted?”


I read these words and I felt a kinship.  I swear, fitness advice is still recovering from several decades of bad advice and wives’ tales.

In particular, this article discusses the deleterious effects of long distance endurance events.  In particular:

Long after evidence emerged that over-hydrating could prove fatal to marathoners, experts continued encouraging runners to drink as much as possible—leading to utterly preventable tragedies such as the death of a 43-year-old mother of three in the 1998 Chicago Marathon.

Shocker running doesn't burn fat
it’s inflaming his arteries but the kooks will blame the burgers

It’s ironic, then, that the title of said article is “The Exercise Equivalent of a Cheeseburger?” in discussing how bad marathoning is for you.



Because cheeseburgers are bad for you how?

I guess the bun, right?  Because meat and cheese (aside from possible nitrates) are just great for you.  Of course, Bloomberg’s gang of food police don’t really care about the science, do they?

Picard and Riker are already guessing there's a bunch of hogwash about calories and saturated fats, better eat some whole wheat instead...
Picard and Riker are already guessing there’s a bunch of hogwash about calories and saturated fats, better eat some whole wheat instead…

The particular blog I linked to is full of hyperventilation about saturated fats and talk of heart disease.  What particularly galling about this guy is his bemoaning the public costs of health care, you know caring for all the burger eaters out there, when it’s the government promulgated food pyramid of lies (eat bread, damn you!) – which the corn industry – radical vegetarian complex paid for – that has lead to our country’s obesity epidemic.

And again, there’s never been a study linking heart disease and fat.  So, a cheeseburger is a nice source of all sorts of protein and good fats.  And of course, any search of the terms healthy and cheeseburger lead you to recipes for fat free cardboard stuff that has high glycemic indexes.  Instead, grind your own.  I like this recipe, although instead of brisket, I use chuck.

I say, eat a cheeseburger, enjoy the protein and fat.  Fat that includes healthy fat soluble vitamins.  And contrary to chicken burgers, real beef burgers have more omega-3 fats from grass fed cows.

In fact, searching for healthy cheeseburgers took several pages of results before you found a defender, who puts up this paragraph:

We already know that saturated fat isn’t the killer it was made out to be in the 80s. There’s plenty of research to support this theory (too much to link too, in fact), and a meta analysis of 21 studies that found no link between coronary heart disease, stroke, or cardiovascular disease and saturated fat.

But whatever, we can’t keep on harping on the ignorance of the fat-haters.

high carb low fat diets are lies
And yet there’s no study linking it but we want it to be so.

Let’s make fun of people who run too much instead.

While the AHA is lying to you about what causes heart disease, some actual scientists have noted:

Endurance athletes have long enjoyed a made-of-iron image. But amid mounting evidence that extraordinary doses of exercise may diminish the benefits of modest amounts, that image is being smudged. That extra six years of longevity running has been shown to confer? That benefit may disappear beyond 30 miles of running a week, suggest recent research.

After 30 miles, you start seeing the sort of cardiovascular inflammation the anti-fat whackos think eating a cheeseburger gives you.

The improved blood pressure, cholesterol levels and robust cardiac health that exercise has been proven to bestow? Among extreme exercisers, those blessings may be offset partially by an increased vulnerability to atrial fibrillation and coronary-artery plaque, suggest other recent studies.

So, there you go, runner.  Keep at it.

The evidence is in front of you yet you refuse to believe it.
The evidence is in front of you yet you refuse to believe it.

Of course, if you approach cardio the right way, you won’t have these problem.  Instead of trying to increase the distance and time you can survive jogging, taking efficient baby steps, maximize your speed over a reasonable distance.  Instead of working to jog, work to run over that distance.  Try working up to run 3 miles at a 7 mph pace.  That will do more for your health and cardio power than chugging along over 6 miles.

Indeed, if you took the garbage they’re selling to its logical conclusion, you’d be lead to believe that sprinters are the fattest athletes on the planet.  They only burn, what 20 calories per sprint?  Why they’re in worse shape than 90’s Bill Clinton jogging into McDonalds.

behold the epitome of cardio goodness
behold the epitome of cardio goodness

And relax, if you’re jogging to “lose weight” or “to eat whatever you want”, you’re going to not to get those results.  Run instead, not because you think you’re going to lose weight, but because you’re gaining cardio that will help you in other activities.  Sports does not require low, slow plodding but intense bursts of speed.  A football field is only a 100 yards after all.

You will quickly find that churning away for an hour at slow speed has no relevance to actual activity.  Not to mention it will make you hungrier and saggier.


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