Why are you putting carbs on carbs?


We’re all American here and so we all understand this scene:

Maybe they're on to something
Maybe they’re on to something

But wait a minute.


Let’s think about this.  How many times do you put sugar on sugar in a meal?  That’s what you’re doing, you know.  That’s for deserts…

maybe it's the icing that's bad, just saying
sugar on bread. Carb on Carb.

Potatoes have a glycemic index of about 75.  As we’ve learned elsewhere, adding fat to carbs lowers the glycemic index.  So, sure go ahead and add butter to your bread.  But, this shocks your system because then you realize that greasy potato chips have a GI of about 50.

Ketchup has a glycemic index of …well…that’s a good question because my search failed.  But it’s listed as being “high”.  Of course, you’re using artisianal, home-made ketchup right?  Nope, you’re using a squeeze pack from the fast food restaurant and chances are, it’s GI is even higher than you think because it’s loaded with high fructose corn syrup.

On the other hand, mayonnaise has a GI of about zero.  It has no carbs.

Ok, so fine.

What is going on here.  You’re eating a meal, you want savory.  But you still want carbs.  So you get french fries, tastefully adorned with salt.  Of course, there are those luddites and scare mongers that will tell you salt is bad.  But they’re stupid mayors.  Carbs aren’t even bad.  Those fries will knock you out of ketosis, but it will boost your mood.

Nope, no guilt for the fries.

But maybe it’s time to start considering other options.

The other day while a Chik-FilA, I decided that (1) I will break down and get the fries (2) I will avoid the splenda-filled diet lemonade (3) I will use mayonnaise instead.  Boom, low carb fast food!

The results?  Unsweetened Ice-Tea with a splash of real sugar lemonade tasted great.

The fries?  Glorious.  It was amazing how good the fries tasted with the grotty mayonnaise packet. I wondered what other aiolies were out there that could boost the flavor further.  What if there was malt vinegar?

So, yes, go European.  I found that I had a tasty set of fries with mayonnaise, my glycemic load for the meal was lower than if I had fries alone or if I had doused it with HFCS infused ketchup.  In fact, the GI was probably lower than if I ate the fries with mustard or malt vinegar.

How can we apply this to other meals?  Think about other carb based entrees.  Basically, off the top of my head, pasta, popcorn, pizza, bagels, and biscuits.

Luckily, for most of these carb options, it is typical to add savory, not sweet.  For pasta, you either go for pesto, alfredo, or tomato.  At least you can now go heavy on the butter without guilt.  Put pepperoni on that pizza and skip the low fat cream cheese.


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