Why a Simple Diet Plan Works


Do you ever notice how when someone close to you goes on a  diet , it consumes everything they do? As they are eating breakfast they are already planning lunch and dinner. It is astounding to see how they are always talking about food, the one thing that they are trying to avoid. They stop what they are doing and start to count how many calories they have used up for the day. Or how many proteins, starches or vegetables they can still have. It usually doesn’t just stop there. They also let you know when they have had all of their water intake for the day. They step on the scale every few hours and panic when their weight goes up or gloat when their weight goes down. Something so positive as taking control of their health and getting those extra pounds off, turns into something so compulsive and unhealthy. It really is mind boggling.

It seems to me that by adopting a simple  diet   plan  that doesn’t become the center of their world, would be a much smarter and a much simpler way to their healthy weight loss. By planning their meals for the week ahead, they wouldn’t need to be constantly thinking about food. It might be helpful if they made a weekly meal plan, and then made a weekly grocery list of the foods needed for the meal plan. Then if they took a few hours once a week to get those foods prepared for the week ahead it would more than likely save them time for some other activities. You would think that this would help them to keep their mind off of the fact that they are on a  diet . This simple  diet   plan  could really be the map to their success at losing the weight and keeping it off. It just might be the step in the right direction to making a healthy lifestyle change for them.


Part of a healthy and simple  diet   plan  should also include exercise. Depending on the amount of weight they have to lose, 20 minutes to a half hour 3 times a week would be a great start. As the weight comes off they could increase it to forty five minutes to a hour five times a week. This would be a great way to build muscle and not end up with sagging skin as the weight comes off. It would also help in keeping them motivated to stay on their  diet  and increase their energy.

Creating a simple  diet   plan  can be a positive step in losing weight and keeping it off. By mapping out a weekly meal plan and having their meals prepared they are able to pave the road to their success. It will free up time to be able to work, exercise and live a normal life by not constantly thinking about being on a  diet . While stressing and obsessing about being on a  diet , they are more likely to get discouraged and fail. Simple  diet   plans  can help them succeed on their weight loss journey.

Source by Jenni Lee


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