When Should You Buy a Weight Bench?


I’m a fitness minimalist so I believe in being able to get great results without turning your whole house in to a gym! A  weight   bench  is a great piece of equipment to own.

Advantages of a  Weight   Bench 

-Perform exercises more safely

-More exercise variety and a greater range of motion of exercises like the  bench  press.

-More comfortable than the floor


-Sometimes has extras like leg extension and a preacher curl pad

-Makes a home gym look complete

For the most part anybody can get results without a  bench . By using your free weights seated, standing or on the floor you have a ton of variety.

However, consider getting a  bench  if:

1.You are starting to lift heavier than the dumbbells you own. If you have a set up to 40 lbs but your  bench  press requires 100lbs, it makes more sense (financially and space wise) to get a  bench  with a bar and  weight  plates instead of buying a set of 50lbs dumbbells. Chances are, you will progress beyond that weight eventually and will have to buy more weights again. Plus, most  benches  come with a rack so you can load heavier  weights  and lift off more safely.

2.If your body is getting bored. A  weight   bench  adds more variety to a routine. It make exercises like the decline  bench  press, inverted chin ups and incline bicep curls much more comfortable. A  bench  helps you to keep your form and offers variety to keep your mind interested and your body guessing.

3. If you need motivation, getting a new piece of equipment is exciting. Especially if you have been lifting weights for a long time without one. Throwing something new in to your routine will help you get better results, which is always very motivating!

A  bench  can be inexpensive if bought used. Even new ones won’t run you much over $250. It is best to try out some exercises on the  bench  to make sure it is built right for your height and size. Some cheaper  benches  are way too small and narrow for tall people, so make sure it suits you before buying.

 Benches  are great to have if you need motivation, new exercises or you need to move up to a heavier  bench  press!

Source by Kaleena A Lawless


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