What Most People Don’t Know About Choosing the Food That Burns Fat


When you’re set on losing weight, you don’t have to starve yourself. You just have to know the food that burns fat, and remove the food that puts it on. You’d be surprised at what actually burns fat and what actually doesn’t.

Animal Protein is the Best Food for Burning Fat

Despite much of the negative hype, animal protein is the best food for burning fat. The problem of it is, for the most part, that the things added to it by mass-production is what shoots you in the foot. Don’t think that you can get the right kind of meat at McDonald’s or most supermarkets.

The right kind of animal protein is organic, wild or free range. These meat sources aren’t tampered with by growth hormones, antibiotics or grain diets. It is meat as it was intended to be eaten.

So, what’s the Big Deal about Organic Meat?

The problems that you avoid by eating organic meat mostly apply to weight loss and digestibility. Grain-fed and sedentary meat has a higher fat content that also includes more carbohydrates. Additionally, you would be consuming growth hormones along with the meat, which are geared toward making a LARGE animal LARGER, as well as producing more milk.

The growth hormones are given at levels that make these several hundred pound animals sick. These animals are then pumped full of antibiotics to combat the sickness. Unfortunately for you, the antibiotics make it harder for you to digest the meat, which causes other health problems for you.

Don’t Think Milk Protein is a Good Source

A common myth in the dietary industry is that milk protein is a valid source of protein. Not if you’re trying to lose weight. Milk has high levels of lactose-a sugar. In other words, it has a lot of carbs. Think of it this way, milk was created to make a large animal gain weight. What will that do for you?


  Vegan  Options for Avoiding Meat

There are, of course,  vegan  options for protein sources, but you have to shop intelligently. Soy is a staple in most  vegan  diets, and this DEFINITELY has to be cut out. Soy has carbohydrates, simply put. Additionally, it lowers testosterone levels and increases estrogen levels.

While this may not sound like a big deal, especially if you’re female, think of this. Estrogen is why women have a harder time losing fat than men. Estrogen keeps weight on, and testosterone burns fat. Both sexes have both hormones, and if weight loss is your goal, guess which one you’ll want more of?

If you’re a lady and afraid that you’ll start growing facial hair and getting a deep voice, don’t worry. Dietary changes won’t make that drastic of a swing in your hormone levels. Only conditions such as PCOS or steroid use will do that.

Source by Isabel De Los Rios


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