What Is Your Weight Loss Motivation?


A few years back there was a television commercial where three actors were like doing a scene on the basketball court. When the director yells cut, one of the actors turns to him and says, “David, what’s my motivation.” If you have seen it then you know how funny it was.

If you have found yourself asking the same question, about your diet and weight loss plan then you are in for a treat. So often those of us who desire to lose weight mistakenly think that we need the best diet pill or the most expensive piece of gym membership. All of this can’t be further from the truth. Here are a few examples of why the right motivation is all you need.

Shedding for the Wedding

If you have seen the promotions for this new television show then you are well aware of the angle the producers are taking. A brief synopsis is that five severely overweight couples are coming together to compete for the perfect wedding. The competition is not about how fast you are or if you are smarter than a fourth grader. The results of this competitive exercise will be determined by which couple loses the most weight.

Now here is my question for you? How is it that two people who are overweight and are planning to get married to another person just as heavy as they are, now have the desire to shed those pounds? The answer is simple. They now have the right motivation. Now I realize that there are some who would say that a healthier lifestyle should be the motivator. Well, I am of the opinion that whatever gets your butt off of the sofa and on the Stairmaster is good enough.

A Lazy Saturday Morning

Let’s look at another example from my life. Often my wife will leave me with the kids for a day and I am given a list of things that need to be done around the house before she returns. I can spend the entire day doing everything but what I am supposed to be doing and then I realize that my wife will be home in less than 38 minutes. What do you think happens? You guessed it; I am able to get a day’s worth of housework done in less than 40 minutes. How can I accomplish such a feat? The short answer is that I had the right motivation.

So, if you have found yourself struggling to stick to a weight loss plan or fitness routine the question you must ask yourself is, “What’s my motivation?” That is the single most important question you will ever answer about anything you are trying to accomplish. The more you understand why you do what you do, the better you will become and making yourself do anything you want consistently.


Source by Joseph D Cooper


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