What is Your Motivation to Lose Weight?


Your  motivation  to lose  weight  will determine your success or failure. It doesn’t matter what  weight   loss  product or diet you use, it doesn’t matter what exercise equipment you use, if you do not have the correct  motivation  to lose  weight , you will ultimately fail to do so.

Many people get their  motivation  from 1 or 2 things, this maybe that they want to look more attractive, they want to feel better and more confident about themselves, or they want to improve their health. While these are all great methods, they are not enough.

 Motivation  to lose  weight  often starts to lag after a few weeks or months. Most people will know what i am talking about. Things start to become more difficult, you begin finding it harder and harder to stick to your diet or to exercise. This is a common and normal problem, and nothing to do with not having the willpower to see you through.


This all stems from the beginning. What reason did you have to try and lose weight? You may say that you want to improve your health, but this is not reason enough, if it was everyone would succeed at losing weight.

You need to have lots of reasons to lose weight, not just a couple. The more reasons you have the stronger your  motivation  will be to lose  weight . Another thing you have to do is to make a list of those reasons and write them down. Read this list at least a couple of times a day and think of the benefits of succeeding.

Ask yourself why do you really want to lose weight, think of how things will be. Picture your future in your mind. Imagine yourself as having succeeded. Write all this down in the form of a list.

-How will You feel?

-How will you look?

-What will others think of you?

-What sorts of clothes will you wear?

-What will you be able to do that can’t do now?

-How will it affect your relationships?

-Will you be happy?

Write all this down with the answers, then write another list containing what will happen if you don’t lose weight

-How will you look?

-How will you feel?

-What will others think of you?

-What happens to your family if you get ill?

-Will your kids follow your path?

-What happens when they get ill?

-Will you be happy?

Read both of these lists daily, pin them to your wall in a couple of rooms so that they are always in your face. The thing is that it doesn’t matter where you are at this moment in time, what matters is where you will be in 12 months time. The point is that you have the choice to do something about losing weight or not.

Having the  motivation  is the most important step for any undertaking. Give yourself as many reasons as possible as to why you will succeed. The more benefits you can give your mind, the more likely your mind will want you to succeed. Have a good think about things prior to starting a  weight   loss  plan, Get your mind ready properly and the  motivation  to lose  weight  will stay strong and see you through to the end.

Source by Terry Sandhu


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