what if this stuff works? Running.


One benefit of an injury is that you get to start from scratch.  I’ve been lucky enough to do plyometrics and squats and deadlifts while my achilleses have recovered, so now I am ready to start running again.

Most people learn to run by jogging.  They go for distance and pitiful times.  I’ve seen them out there, plodding along.  They start doing baby steps, their knees barely lifting, just shuffling along in the most efficient manner possible. Also the slowest, but whatever.

I wasn’t going to do that.  My goal is to get fast, to ensure that if I’m running, my legs are pumping.

I don’t envision a slow slog but more like a classic 70’s era police-movie footchase.  Not full speed, in which I’d tire out after a football field, but a sustained 1 mile sprint.  I figure, if i can keep up with that level of exertion, then a slower pace would follow easily enough.

And luckily, my leg muscles are already honed…or at least strong because I can squat significant weights, and I do various jumping exercises that add power to my lower half.  So, now, the object is to build real cardio.


The method.  I do jog, just to warm up.  A half mile.  Then the next mile, i’m either resting or I am going.  If you can rest while you lift, you can rest while you run.  The goal is to build up speed, not to force my carcass over a predetermined finish line.

It’s tough, but I think it’s working.  That mile will be conquered.


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