What Differentiates The Paleo Diet Food List?


To give you an idea I will first talk about the Paleo diet food list for athletes which was composed several years ago. Researchers were working with bodybuilders and some of them were unhappy with the results they were getting so the nutritionists cancelled all sugar, carbohydrates, dairy and other processed foods from their diets. The results were that they put on muscle faster, gained less fat even during bulking phases and they no longer experienced any side effects after training such as headaches, jitters or other problems – not even during weight loss phases.


Another example comes from studies of test subjects who experienced lower abdominal bloating, yeast overgrowth or candida thrush. All of these issues were reportedly intensified and increasing while they were eating their ordinary diets consisting of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, wheat, processed meats and so forth. Within just a few weeks of picking delicious healthy food off a Paleo diet food list these test subjects’ bodies normalized and their health stabilized. The main reason for it was that the yeast overgrowth which causes a host of side effects and ailments was triggered by sugar. The Paleo diet lifestyle involves practically zero sugar except from fruit so while on the Paleo style diet subjects automatically got rid of the excess yeast in their bodies. They experienced fewer headaches, higher energy levels, healthier sleep patterns and an overally intensified level of wellbeing just weeks after starting out on the Paleo diet.

What if I cannot afford it? Aren’t Paleo diet recipes more expensive than “normal food”? Well many people are worried that staying on a Paleo diet food list will bankrupt them. People often automatically assume that healthy food must be expensive. They think it will be overpriced and that the cost effectiveness ratio will be too low to dedicate themselves to it for a long enough period. Well fortunately for everybody who would like to start out living on Paleo foods alone this myth is not actually true. One of the great advantages of the Paleo diet food list which I previously shared on my blog and in some of my articles is that it consists of easily affordable and healthy foods that can all be combined in recipes. That means that rather than having a fridge filled with food that does not go together well you can readily find an adequate Paleo recipe for all the Paleo foods in your fridge. The logical outcome is that a person on the Paleo diet will be able to utilize their food to a maximum; nothing will have to be thrown away any longer. No more mouldy fridges, the Paleo diet is a perfect diet for low-budget chefs like college students. What I recommend in case you really end up having a lot of vegetables and fruit left over is to simply make a smoothie. If you happen to have meat left over as well simply turn all of it into a delicious Paleo stew or a soup. There is basically no way that you will ever be stuck with leftovers on the Paleo diet and that makes it extremely cost-effective and healthy at the same time.

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