What A Sexy Vegan Man


In the words of Salt n Pepa, my man is smooth like Barry and his voice got bass. His body’s like Carl with a Denzel face. He’s smart like a doctor with a real good rep and when he comes home we converse in depth. He’s a gift to me every time I see him. A lot of non-vegan ex-flames couldn’t be him. What a man.


Yes, one vegan dating another has been quite a ride. It’s been a journey that I don’t ever want to end. In a world as lonely as that of a vegan, dating a like-minded person of vegan persuasion can certainly feel like heaven. Cuddling up, heads to the clouds, sharing visions of a veggie paradise and conversing about the savory tastes of the live food cuisine that we just shared makes me quiver and sends me to another time-space reality. In fact, encounters with my vegan stud muffins turn moments into hours such that time can’t even be measured. Holding hands on a stroll through the farmer’s market or sneaking a kiss over filtered water makes me feel adored. Yes, this is love.

There’s something so sexy about the glistening skin, vibrant personality, penetrating eyes, and thought-provoking intellect of a vegan man. In fact, in all my years of dating, vegan men, have by far been the most stimulating. The comfort of having a man that’s appreciative of a healthy vegan meal of tender, loving, veggies that I prepare to perfection just gets me all warm and fuzzy. Then, dare I neglect to mention how I blush and butterflies start flurrying in my stomach when he makes one of those for-vegans-only jokes that only we get. Oh, and the fruit-flavored kisses just send me through the roof.

Now I’m not trying to bad mouth non-vegans, but really there is just something special, that stands out about a vegan and that’s just the truth. A vegans’ eye candy physique is simply mesmerizing. The freshness of his skin and the spark in his smile just lights me up. I admit, when in the presence of a vegan man my tough exterior dissipates and I am eternally smitten. The sincerity of his tone when he talks to me about my nutritional health makes my skin quiver. Forget diamonds and pearls, this man actually cares about my health and well-being. What more can a girl ask for?

Source by Amirah Bellamy


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