Weightlifting Tips For the First-Timer


One look at any fitness magazine and you cannot help but let out a heavy sigh. You ask yourself, “When will I ever get to have a body like this?” Then you dismiss the thought and tell yourself that you should not be wasting your time wondering about an impossible dream such as this.

But the truth is, achieving a well-sculpted body is not entirely an impossible dream. You can achieve it with the proper  weightlifting  program and a few tricks up your sleeve. If you have never tried this before but you are convinced to go for it, here are excellent  weightlifting  tips for beginners like you to help you in your  weightlifting  program:

1. Find a reputable gym.

Not all gyms are the same so if it is your first time to look for one, consider the following things that can help you in your selection:

o How long has the gym been operating?

o What are its mission and vision?

o What kind of equipment does it have?

o How do they train the trainers?

o What are their beliefs on  weightlifting ?

Getting the answers from these questions will help you decide if a gym is perfect for you or not. Furthermore, you can ask recommendations from friends and family, or talk to the gym’s previous clients so you can have a feedback on their service and equipment.

2. Look for an efficient weight trainer.
A reliable trainer will help you not only in achieving the kind of body you want but also in ensuring that your workout program is safe and realistic for your body type.

3. Study your body. Speaking of body type, there are three basic body types: endomorph (too much fat), ectomorph (too little fat and muscle) and mesomorph (ideal body type). Being an endomorph or ectomorph does not automatically mean you cannot achieve a well-toned body but knowing your body type as well as your statistics is crucial when formulating a workout plan and setting up realistic goals.

4. Devise a workout plan with your trainer.
Since you are new at this, it is smart that you enlist the help of a  weightlifting  expert when you formulate a workout plan so you can be sure that it would be safe and effective.
5. Always keep in mind that you are a beginner.


This way, you will be able to avoid overtraining or stressing yourself too much.

6. Do not rush things.

Remember that achieving that perfect body does not take overnight. It needs consistent and devoted workout for a certain period before you can have the body that you want.

7. Get quality rest.

Sleep is essential because this is when your muscles recover. Without proper rest, you cannot expect to see any improvement with your workout.

8. Eat plenty of nutritious food.

Go for foods rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Avoid junk food, sugars, alcohol and unhealthy snacks.

9. Breathe during workout.

Not breathing when you exert effort can dangerously increase blood pressure.

Do not postpone your  weightlifting  and do it today. With the right attitude, an excellent trainer and proper gym equipment, you can be on your way on achieving the perfect body that you have always wanted for yourself.

Source by Charles N Taft


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