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When a person starts at a gym, the first things that they want to buy are the shoes. Unfortunately, when they do decide on a pair of shoes they pick it because of its looks and not its functionality or effectiveness. This is a big mistake as different exercises need different shoes to be worn for them. For example, running shoes should be worn while running. This is because of the fact that when we run, there are certain injuries caused because of repetitive use. And running shoes are especially made with gel or air cells on the base to reduce the impact shock that is caused while running. So if we were to use any other shoes other than running shoes while running, we run the risk of injuring ourselves.


Due to a variety of reasons, most shoes available in the market are running shoes and these same shoes happen to be the ones that are more fashionable and hence bought most by gym goers every year. Apart from this, another reason that they are bought very often by gym goers is the fact that most people are aware of the fact that while running you need a specialized pair of shoes but the same people are not aware that you also need a special pair of shoes while weightlifting and while performing other types of exercises.

When a person lifts weights while wearing running shoes there are number of things that can go wrong. The first thing is that while lifting weights you need all the energy and force that your body is creating to go into lifting the weight. Unfortunately, the soles of running shoes are created in such a way that they absorb and dissipate a large amount of energy against the floor when it should be used to lift the weight.

The second problem with using running shoes while lifting weights is that while lifting it is very important to have a stable balance to be able to lift the weight. We need complete control of the weight and our body to help us balance ourselves easier. And while wearing running shoes, there is no stability. There is a medium between our feet and the ground that is compressible and which makes it difficult for us to keep our balance.

So the ideal shoes for weight lifters are ones that are stable. A snug fitting shoe which provides exceptional support and has a wedge sole that is not compressible with crepe or neoprene for traction against the floor is ideal for weight lifters. It is better if they lace all the way down to the toe for adjustment and also have an adjustable strap across the metatarsal area for added lateral stability.

So, always remember before you start weight lifting to buy the correct shoes. They might cost you a little more but they will ensure safety during exercise.

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