Weightlifting and You Part 2


So now you know the basics in  weightlifting  and some key foundation principles to consider when seeking to putting a program together. So whats next? Now it’s time to get your workout routine together. You want to create your program with your target muscles in mind. These muscle areas would be your chest, back, legs, arms and shoulders. Now if you’re not sure as to what  weightlifting  exercises to do for each muscle, you can always connect with a personal trainer. Other resources are fitness magazines with workouts broken down that may resemble the target goals you yourself are shooting for. The key thing is that there is an abundance of resources available to compile a list of different exercises you can do.

As a beginner, you need to keep your exercises to around 8-10 different ones. This usually translates to about one exercise per muscle group. A quick list of the target areas that you need to make sure you workout are as follows:

  • Chest (bench press, push-ups, dumbbell flyes)
  • Back (pullups, dead-lifts, barbell rows)
  • Shoulders (Overhead presses, upright rows, lateral raises)
  • Biceps (barbell curls, dumbbell curls, cable curls)
  • Triceps (close-grip bench press, dips, kick-backs)
  • Quadriceps (Squats, leg extensions, leg presses)
  • Hamstrings (Dead-lifts, lunges, leg-curls)
  • Abs (Crunches, knee raises)

You want to make sure you really go over the different  weightlifting  routines and get familiar with the way they are performed. You want to avoid any unnecessary injuries. Start your workouts off slow. As you get started, you will need to figure out how much weight to use. There really isn’t an exact science to figuring out how much to start with. Its pretty much up to you on how it feels in the beginning.


You want to start off with a warm up set before getting into the heart of your workout. Your warm up should target around 10-15 repetitions with a light weight. Then pick a weight and shoot for a target of 10-12 reps for which ever exercise you choose.

Its important that as you start your  weightlifting  program, go with how it feels to you. If once you get done with your first set and it felt light, add another 5 pounds or more until you get to where you can perform your target reps with the last rep being a challenge but being able to perform it with good form. The key goal is to be able to perform your workout with an amount of reps required for that set. As time progresses, you will be able to pin point exactly how much weight to use for each exercise for each muscle group.

As you continue to get your workout program going, make sure you cover all your muscle groups with the proper exercises for each muscle. Always make sure you cover your larger muscles first, then smaller groups. You want to keep a balanced workout so you develop properly.

Now that you have gotten on your way with your  weightlifting  program, you will embark in an experimental journey. In order to keep progressing, you will be trying different things to keep your body confused in order to make steady progress. As you do so, remember that its consistency that you need. Make an effort to educate yourself about different types of rep ranges and exercises you can do to reach your target goal, whether its weight loss or muscle building. Once you get comfortable with weight lifting, you will begin to enjoy it and reap the benefits.

Source by T. R. Aponte


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