Weight Training Equipment


When you first make the decision to begin weight training, it can seem a little overwhelming. Especially when you begin to look at the weight training equipment required and begin pricing various weight machines. It will probably seem cheaper to go to a gym, or easier not to start weight training at all. But it does not have to be an overwhelming, cost prohibitive, or confusing experience. In fact, you don’t even really have to leave the comforts of your own home. You can easily create a private gym for yourself that fulfills your weight training needs without breaking the bank on weight training equipment.

You will need to start with a   weight   bench . A  weight   bench  is safer to use than just a regular chair or the floor. You can choose either a flat  weight   bench  or an inclined  weight   bench . Most inclined  weight   benches  are adjustable, and you can even add attachments to help with different types of exercises.  Weight   benches  range in price, and they also range in size. Shop around a bit to find the  weight   bench  that best matches your needs and your price range.

The next piece of equipment is the weights. You can get a set of dumbbells that has a variety of weights, from something relatively light for beginners, to heavier dumbbells for more advanced users. You will also need a weight bar, as well as free weights to put on the bar. Remember the bar itself could weigh as much as fifty pounds, and keep that in mind when you are selecting your free weights.


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