Weight Loss – What Motivates You to Lose Weight?


When you think about your motivation to lose weight, what comes to mind? Looking better in a pair of jeans? Avoiding your risk of disease? Feeling more self-confident about the way you look?

While these are all great reasons to seek weight loss results, they by no means are the only reasons. Sometimes it takes figuring out what sparks your motivation to help you stay on track with your weight loss program.

Let’s look at a few important reasons to help you attack your weight loss program full force ahead. Perhaps one of these will get you going…

1. Less Joint Pain. For many people, joint pain is a big part of life. Especially if you are older and are dealing with issues such as arthritis, joint pain may not be avoidable. But, the heavier you are, the worse it’s going to be. Losing weight can take tension and stress off your joints, minimizing the level of pain you experience so you can lead a more active lifestyle.

2. You’ll Sleep Better. If joint pain isn’t an issue, what about sleep? Do you often wake up feeling other than refreshed? Imagine what it would be like to wake up feeling energetic ready to face your day.

If you get a good night’s sleep, this can become a reality. For many people, quality sleep is about maintaining a healthy body weight. Those who are overweight are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea, and in addition, have a greater tendency to toss and turn during their rest, reducing their overall sleep quality. Although often overlooked, your body weight does matter when it comes to the quality of sleep you get.

3. You’ll Taste Food Better. Finally, let’s not forget the fact your food will taste better when you’re at a healthy weight. Your leptin and ghrelin levels will be normalized when you’re at a healthy weight, and these hormones will play a role in your overall appetite and how good food tastes.


If you’ve ever been famished at work, perhaps you noticed whatever you ate simply tasted good. Now, this isn’t to say you have to be overly hungry to be aware of this – not at all. But, if you are carrying excess weight, there’s a good chance you aren’t tasting your food as your appetite level isn’t where it should be.

When you gain bodyweight, you tend to taste primarily foods that are either…

  • rich in salt,
  • rich in sugar, or
  • very rich in fat –

or all three.

As you shed weight, however, your taste buds are reawakened, and you begin to taste healthier foods in their natural state again. Eating healthy foods makes it easier to not only lose weight but keep it off.

So there you have three additional reasons to consider shedding your excess weight. Remember it’s all about finding what personally motivates you. Once you know this, you’ll then find it much easier to stick to any weight loss plan you choose to follow.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers


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