Weight Loss on a Busy Schedule


Many people really want to lose weight and will think about starting up a diet or exercise routine, but find that their busy daily schedules make it very hard if not seemingly impossible to fit in any time for a workout and a healthy eating routine. This is a problem and obstacle to weight loss that many people face, whether it be students, parents or people in the work force. Sometimes life just gets in the way of an individual’s plan and they will find it too hard to implement any changes, even if they really want to.

The thing is that it certainly is possible for a person to lose weight on a busy schedule with a few quick effective workouts and some simple dietary changes implemented into their lives which can be done in no time at all. A person can also remove any bad habits that may be leading to weight gain and swap them with more healthy habits in a way that will not interfere too much with an already busy schedule, especially once an individual gets used to the adjustment.

A person can many times swap some unhealthy items for healthier alternatives and effortlessly save calories and still have a tasty meal or snack. A person who loves hummus can swap the chips or pita that they may dip into the hummus with lower calorie and healthier cucumbers or carrots as an easy way to diminish calorie count.

An individual who eats cereal in the morning can swap out a fattier milk for low fat milk as a means of reducing calories. Some people may not like the taste of fat free milk, but it is an adjustment that many people can get used to eventually.

Instead of hitting the vending machine for an afternoon snack of cookies or chips, have a supply of fruit or vegetables at your desk — it’s a much healthier alternative.

Instead of a bowl of ice cream before you go to bed, how about a low-fat and low-calorie cookie that is available from the local grocery store?

In addition to the minor changes in food intake, there are a lot of online websites and articles which will point out different exercises that a person can do to get an effective workout in anywhere from ten minutes to twenty minutes.

Almost any person can find this amount of time to carve out of their day for a quick workout as it will give them more energy, make them feel revitalized, healthier and help with weight loss.

How about a quick walk (or even better, a jog!) around a few blocks of your home before the morning shower? Or, a 15 minute walk with your significant other after dinner instead of plopping down onto the couch in front of the TV?

A person can also just try to make more common things into a work out, such as taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Or, parking in a spot further away so they have to walk farther. Or, walking to the coffee shop instead of driving. How about going on a bike ride with your kids instead of sending them off on their own?

There are quick and easy ways to both eat healthy and workout that any person can find the time to do to help reach their weight loss goals even with a busy schedule. Sometimes it’s the little changes that make the biggest difference!


Source by Dedi Walker


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