Weight Loss Motivational Tips – How to Get Your Mind Ready to Lose Weight


I am going to share weight loss motivational tips that will help you prepare your mind for losing weight. Many people make the mistake of putting all of their effort into preparing their diet and exercise routine and then fail because they did not prepare their mind to stay motivated. If you understand the importance of   motivation  and you want some great ways to keep your head in the game as your body sheds the  weight  then I encourage you to take a couple of minutes and read on.

Weight Loss Motivational Tips

1. Decide what you really want. Yes you want to lose weight but why is that important to you, what will losing weight mean to your family life, play, work and social life? When you tap into exactly what losing this  weight  will mean to your every day life you have uncovered a powerful  motivation .

2. Write it down and keep it handy. I am talking about your goal. A Harvard study showed that those who wrote down their goals were the most likely to succeed. Write your goal down and post is somewhere you will see it often.

3. Be kind to yourself. Your body is a dynamic being and your weight will fluctuate as your body retains and releases water and fat. Be kind to your body and allow it time to lose the weight. If you stick with your plan the weight will come off.


4. Start each morning with a win. A great way to get your  motivation  jump started is to take a positive step in the morning toward your goal. By starting your day with a brisk walk, a good breakfast or even a conscious review of your goal you set your day up for success.

There are countless weight loss motivational tips that you can tap into to keep your head in the game as your body changes. This is a wonderful journey…enjoy!

Source by Dr. Becky Gillaspy


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