Weight Loss Motivation Will Work With The Correct Facts!


I would like everyone who reads this short article to just take a deep breath, relax, and think about what I am trying to relate to my audience. Does common sense tell you that I may be correct in my assumption?

As of today, the United States of America is the most obese nation in the world (some are saying that Mexico has now taken over that spot). So, if after spending billions of dollars by our medical communities and other various organizations, how can this statistic possibly be? Most of the experts continue repeating that Americans are not getting enough exercise and they are eating all the wrong foods. And this has been the continuing saga, over and over again. We have weight loss clubs, fitness centers, health spas, and everything else you can imagine popping up all across the country. We have a continuing menu of new diet plans and formulas entering the marketplace in amazing numbers. We have more lotions and potions than there are people to use them all. Now, if you take a deep breath, you have to be thinking, so far we are right on the money with the facts. And all anybody wants, is the facts about anything. We just want the truth.

Now, we all would have to agree, for the most part, when we came into this world we were fairly healthy individuals and had all of our parts. We were not designed for the intake of drugs and medications to counter or alter the way the body was designed to function. Now medically speaking, it stands to reason that if the mother is perfectly healthy, the newborn child will also be in pretty good shape, health wise. Now if the mother is lacking in nutrition in any way whatsoever, than the newborn child will suffer in that aspect of health. This is where we now have the start of the downward spiral of negative health conditions. And right at the top of this list is weight control issues. The best way to solidify this claim is to look at the child obesity rates along with the rest of the population.

So what does this have to do with weight loss motivation anyway? And here is where I want to make two very critical points. The cause of weight gain has nothing to do with the consumption of food or the lack of exercise! And remember, I said the cause. The cause of weight gain is the lack of proper nutrition in the body. When our incredibly designed bodies lack the proper vitamins and minerals, the body will continue to search for them in the food we consume. And of course everyone knows by now what is in the food we consume! Without the proper fuel we need, the body will continue to crave foods. And there in lies the problem. Once your body ingests the proper nutrition it needs, the cravings will diminish. The second critical point I want to make is that of absorption. The body must be able to absorb the nutrition at the highest level. So if I am correct, and you are truly motivated to lose weight, you must concentrate on the highest quality nutrition you can find, and absolutely make sure that you are absorbing the nutrition. And guess what? It works to perfection all the time. If you are motivated to lose weight and follow those two points, the weight will come off!!


Source by Bob Spencer


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