Weight Loss Motivation Tips to Get You on Your Way to Losing Weight


So you have decided to lose some weight and you lack the motivation to get started. One thing with us humans is that we love our comfort zones and soon as we make the decision to change something in our life all of a sudden the mind says what change! No way and so the voice in the head starts giving all the reasons of why not to start, don’t feel like it, maybe next week and so it goes on.

So here are some weight loss motivation tips to get you on your way to losing weight.


I am going to lose weight but I am not on a diet. Diet always triggers the no go zone in the mind. So if your not on a diet, then all your doing is changing the way you eat. Daily weight loss motivation is your going to just eliminate something each day in your diet and change to what is better for you.

Ask yourself why do I want to lose weight, OK maybe a silly question but answer it to yourself. Then ask yourself how am I going to feel if I achieve my goal weight. Now start feeling how you would feel if you lost the weight. OK now that is your motivation to weight loss because right now if you hold that feeling of how your feeling once you have lost the weight that is going to give you the motivation to lose weight. Every time your making excuses to not continue then remember how you will feel once you lose the weight.

If you are a person that needs a lot of motivation to lose weight then maybe your not ready to lose weight and your really happy the way you are. Your really only doing it to satisfy others around you, which is really not a good reason to do anything. But if you have to lose weight for your health then you have to ask yourself am I prepared to lose weight for my health and live a long healthy life?

” If your struggling with the motivation for weight loss then maybe you could try a clinic for weight loss that will help you get motivated. You can also meet other people that are on the same wave length as you in wanting to lose weight. You can meet new friends which can help to motivate each other in your goal to losing weight.

Motivation is about having an incentive, a reason and purpose for losing weight. When you can answer all these questions in your mind then you have your inspiration to get going and achieve what you desire in your life.

Source by Cynthia Kerry


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