Weight Loss Motivation Tips – Don’t Lose The Mental Game


Losing weight is a battle that carries on beyond the treadmill and this battle has implications in the entire weight reduction cycle of a person. This is the mental battle- the battle where a win can make a world of difference. What follows are some words of wisdom to help you lose weight by exercising. Have you ever thought why you fall back on your unhealthy diet after weeks of workout in the gym? Why do you munch on the Hamburger when you know that it increases the level of body fat? The answer is pretty simple… you have lost the weight loss motivation! A loss regimen not only includes the weight training or diet, but also includes the motivational level of a person. If you are motivated enough to get back your chiseled look then even a simple exercise and diet routine will help you to make the cut in a few months. Just the opposite happens when you are not enough motivated; the strict diet and exercise routine fails miserably to produce any positive results.

It happens that we start our weight loss program with a lot of enthusiasm and do not even like taking a break during our workouts. This is the time when our motivation level is at the peak, but soon the graph starts to show a decline as days pass. This is the reason that there are a lot of people who kick off their workout sessions with very high energy level, but soon lose it out to sink back to the old and unhealthy routine. It is all about the mental game, so it is imperative that one wins it! Losing weight is considered to be a tough job but this doesn’t mean that you carry the extra harmful fat for no reason. Here are some weight loss motivation tips that can keep on fueling your motivation level:

a) Jot down the reasons for weight loss: In order to maintain the motivation level throughout your weight loss cycle try to jot down the reasons why you want to sweat it out in the gym. You can even note down the activities that you cannot take part in but wish to do so after losing weight. For instance, if you feel that your bad physique does not permit you to go for hiking then note it down. Got through the list early in the morning, before starting your day; it will give you the mental toughness to go through the grueling weight loss program. This is considered to be one of the most important weight loss motivation tips by the people who have benefited from it.

b) Keep tab of the weight loss: This is very important because you must know whether your weight loss plan is working or not. It is also imperative that you set weight loss goals as that would egg you to try harder but try to be a little realistic about them. Do not fall for the crash diets as they are not going to help your long time weight loss plans.

c) Healthy lifestyle: Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding liquor, cigarettes or any other bad habits that you have. These tend to provide solace to the people who lose their motivation, but are very harmful for the health as well as the motivation level.

Follow the above weight loss motivation tips to enjoy a fit and healthy life!


Source by Kevin G Shaw


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