Weight Loss Motivation Tip – Giving Your Best


I just saw this remarkable inspirational film called ‘Facing the Giants.’ The movie, while low budget, had a powerful message about faith and persistence. It illustrated the importance of giving your best, even when it looks like nothing that you are doing is working the way you hoped. It is a lesson for us all, in particular those of us who have struggled with weight.

In the movie, the coach encouraged the player to keep going, even when the player clearly wanted to give up. I think each one of us has a coach inside, but most of us have coaches that discourage us from our weight loss goals. Our coach tells us “You can’t do it,” “This isn’t working,” “It’s taking too long,” or “You might as well quit.” Instead of giving us the courage we need to give our best so we can finish strong, our coach takes our courage away.


If losing weight is a struggle for you, then I want you to start paying attention to your inner coach, your thoughts. Are they encouraging you (giving you courage) or discouraging you (taking courage away)? If it is the latter, then start changing those thoughts. It might be challenging because you are probably used to discouraging yourself. But I promise you that if you commit to being your biggest encourager, then you will stick with your good habits long enough to see results. And even if you stumble, you will get back on track immediately instead of using it as an excuse to give up.

And with that attitude, you will win.

Source by Kimberly Floyd


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