Weight Loss Motivation – The 6 Power Tool Boosters


Have you spent much of your adult life on and off diets or struggling with food as your enemy? Then you will definitely know what you ‘should’ do to lose weight and probably have no great problem shedding the pounds/kilos. The probability is that you face, time and time again, keeping the weight off or stopping the constant battle with food as your enemy.

I know exactly what it is like and so I’d like to share with you the 6 Power Tools that boosted my  weight   loss   motivation  and kept me able to refocus on my journey to find the  weight  I was born to be…

 Motivation  Power Tool 1. Mindset Switch

Switch off the mindset of a dieting game. Switch back to a mindset that…

Sees all food as a fuel on which to sustain a happy and healthy life.

Believes you to be uniquely wonderful and full of beauty.

Believes you deserving of all the love and happiness you can give yourself

 Motivation  Power Tool 2. Mind / Body Connection

Find again the lost skills of ‘Conscious Eating’. These are the skills of people who have lived diet free and have never had a weight or food issue. They are the skills that…

  • Allow you to be in constant touch with your body satiety.
  • Enable you to know the difference between food hunger and emotional hunger.
  • Help to move you away from comfort eating and into comfort loving.

 Motivation  Power Tool 3. Feeling Good Enough

Begin to develop a deeply held belief that you are a definitely ‘Good Enough’…

  • No matter what your weight, shape or size.
  • Even when you have lapsed in your focus on self-love and happiness.
  • Without the need to battle with food every day.

 Motivation  Power Tool 4. Food as Your Fuel for Life

Start to live a life where you learn to work in harmony with food and nature…

  • Discover the foods that suit your body best and fill it with positive energy.
  • Allow yourself to occasionally eat the foods that do not work well with your body
  • Learn to really love food and not fear it.

 Motivation  Power Tool 5. Retrieving Your Personal Power

Make your own mind up about what a happy, healthy body and mind means to you and be able to…

  • Stand up for what you believe to be the right life-style for you.
  • Allow yourself the personal time you need to love and care for your body and mind.
  • Prevent other people from sabotaging your decisions and actions for change.

 Motivation  Power Tool 6. Comfort Eating Triggers

Get to know the triggers that send you into comfort eating mode and prepare self-loving actions to replace the comfort eating…

  • When life is stressful make sure you set aside time every day to exercise, meditate or de-stress in some way.
  • When emotions become overwhelming or get buried, find a way of validating the emotion. Do not bury it with food but handle it in a loving and healing way.
  • When food is constantly on your mind find a way of connecting with true friends and feeling their love and support. Food is never a friend, as it only creates pain and unhappiness when consumed inappropriately.

Boost you  motivation  every day and become a winner in life not a victim to food.

Source by Chrissie Webber


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