Weight Loss Motivation Strategies – Part 1


I have said it before and I will say it again …

Most overweight or obese people already know exactly what they need to do to change their life. Its simple really, just follow these three steps:

1/ Eat less of the foods that make you fat

2/ Eat more of the foods that make you fit

3/ Move your body more

I can already here you thinking …

‘I know that is what I am supposed to do to loose weight’

So the question is this … Why do you have difficulty in getting yourself to do what you already know you should do?

Think about …

What is at stack here is a life of terrible health, low energy, poor self esteem, not looking your best and basically misery vs great health, energy, vitality, sexy looking body, and feeling great about yourself and life.

You would think when you compare the two that the three steps above would be easy to get yourself to do, right?

So what is the key then to get yourself to do what you already know you should do?

It becomes a question of motivation strategy.

As motivational expert Tony Robbins told us … we are either motivated by one of two forces. Either Pain or Pleasure.

Tony tells us that we are motivated to change either by Pain or by Pleasure. The question is … which is the right strategy for weight loss?

For many overweight or obese people the perceived pain of making the necessary changes is a more powerful force than the perceived pain of achieving their health goals.

I know this was certainly the case for me. I wanted to change and develop a fit, lean, muscular and sexy body … but the pain of changing my lifestyle was greater than the perceived benefit of having made the change.

This in-effective motivation strategy kept me stuck for two decades in a place where I knew exactly what I had to do to totally change my health … I just could not get myself to do what I knew. Sound familiar?

So what changed for me?

Well it was a three day trip interstate where I had been suffering from depression for a period of about 5 months prior to. So the interstate trip was the perfect excuse to go on a three day bender.

I ate everything I could get my hands on including pizzas, hamburgers, Chinese etc … and drank countless beer and mixed drinks over the three days.


In effect I was basically poisoning myself … I was spiraling out of control.

On the third day I started to have what I thought was a heart attack. The pain in my chest was so intense that my life literally flashed before my eyes.

Then I had a vivid memory of when I was approximately 20 years of age. My Aunty was busy telling me how much I was like my uncle Brian (who incidentally died of a massive heart attack at 40).

So there I was thinking I was having a heart attack and my beautiful unconscious mind delivers me a memory of being told I was just like my dead uncle. The worst thing was I was 39 at the time.

I survived that incident and then in a junk food haze I went to bed.

Then the second incident occurred that really got my attention.

Due to my disgraceful eating habits I had been suffering badly from indigestion and stomach acid reflux. Well at about three o’clock in the morning my stomach could no longer handle the abuse I had dished out to it and decided to send me a message about it.

I awoke basically choking on my own stomach acids. Acid had made its way back up my throat and ended up in my lungs. The burning sensation, and the fact that I could not breath lead me for the second time that day to believe I was about to die.

Now if you can picture these two scenarios then I am sure you can imagine that it created a significant amount of Pain motivation for me.

As I was choking to death on my own stomach acids I promised myself that if I survived I would completely change my life and health.

All of a sudden something went click in my mind at a deep unconscious level.

The Pain of staying the same now became the driving motivation strategy for me. This pain was far greater than the pain of making the changes that had previously controlled my motivation levels.

The things that had been difficult to get myself to do all of a sudden became easy to do.

I asked myself what is one thing I could do in that moment that would propel me in a new direction.

The only thing I could think of was to take my picture. Having seen many before and after pictures from many physique transformations I reasoned that this was the last day I would try and kill myself with food. So I took my photo as the starting point of a new life.

Pain motivation became my driving force.

Pain motivation led me to totally alter the course of my life and begin the process of changing my health for the better.

The question you should be asking is this … Does Pain motivation last and how can you use it to get on the right track with your weight loss and health?

In part two of this article I will share the answers to these questions with you.

Source by Rod S Moore


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