Weight Loss Motivation Made Easy!


One of the hardest things any dieter faces is keeping themselves motivated whilst they are trying to lose weight. Let’s face it, there are so many distractions and temptations that it can be really difficult to keep yourself focused and on your diet.

In order for you to successfully lose weight, you need to have a compelling reason why to do it. People who have these compelling reasons are the people who succeed. Those who don’t are the people who spend years struggling with their weight, never feeling completely happy with themselves or their lives.

So how do you get this level of  motivation  in order for you to not only lose the  weight  but to keep it off as well?


The answer is to find reasons for you to lose weight. Not just any reasons, like “because I want to fit in a dress” or “because I’m overweight” or “because I should”.

You want reasons that electrify you and set your brain on fire with your desire to achieve them!

You have to find reasons that are totally motivating and focusing for you such as “If I don’t lose weight then I’ll die of a heart attack like my father which means I won’t be able to see my baby boy grow up, get married and have children”. How’s that for a motivating reason?

What motivates you is different from what motivates the person next to you and the person next to them. It is a highly individual thing and you have to sit down and come up with some highly motivating reasons of your own.

When doing this, any reason that has a ‘should’ or an ‘ought’ attached to it is not motivating enough. Shoulds and Oughts are not reasons, they are excuses! If you should do something then it means you don’t want to do it but feel you have to out of a sense of obligation or guilt! That’s not going to motivate you, is it?

What reasons do you have for losing weight?

Do you have children?

Do you have a big date, wedding or other event?

Have you been warned by your doctor about your weight?

Get yourself some paper and start to write down all the reasons why you must lose weight. Write everything down, don’t stop, you can sort them out afterwards.

Once you have written them all down then discard any that are shoulds or oughts and keep the motivating ones. Then see if you can phrase them in a really positive manner which provides you with massive  motivation .

When you have finished this, pick the top three to five reasons and write them out on a piece of card or paper in your neatest handwriting. You then need to stick it somewhere you will see it every morning or carry it around with you. It depends on your living arrangements as to which you do.

What is important is that every day you read these reasons in the morning and in the evening. Ideally do it just before bed and just after you get up. This will program your sub-conscious mind with your reasons and motivate you to lose weight permanently.

When you do this every day you will find your  motivation  increasing, dieting becoming easier and your  weight  literally dropping off you.

Source by Winfried Huebner


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