Weight Loss Motivation Ideas


One of the first things you should do when deciding to lose weight is to decide what will keep you motivated when you hit plateaus or you come across really hard temptations. These things could include shopping sprees, small goals and small rewards, accountability to others(you don’t want others to know that you slipped up or gave up), or even getting paid for losing weight.

I know it seems impossible to get paid to lose weight but there are ways to do so and it seems to be a proven strategy for keeping people motivated to reach their goals.

So, how do you lose weight and get paid for it? Well, there are a few ways:

1. Pay yourself, you can start a collection jar and for every pound you lose, save $5 or so (depending on how much you have to lose). While it isn’t actually getting paid, once you reach your goals and get to open that jar, it can be really exciting and you feel like you have been paid for losing weight.

2. Bet on yourself. You can bet other people that you will lose the weight. Set a goal weight, and work your butt off (literally). Once you reach your goal, the others pay up.

3. The next thing that you can do is to join a weight loss challenge. These are very common and you can find them locally and even online. Most of them offer a cash reward for the person or group of people who lose the most amount of weight within a set period of time. That is really exciting and can be a great motivation to work as hard as possible because you never know how hard the other person or people are working to get the prize. The only draw back is the fact that the prize money is not guaranteed.

But, there is another way to join a weight loss challenge and have a guarantee that you will get paid for it if you lose weight within a certain amount of time.


There are several places and companies that will pay you once you reach a certain amount of weight loss or even once you get your BMI down to a healthy weight. Be careful though, there are quite a few places that claim to pay you but have a lot of fine print in their rules which often times means that you will not ever get paid.

Source by Cami Raye Lopez


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