Weight Loss Motivation Ideas for Self-Esteem Body Image


Probably everyone is dreaming for lean athletic body or just to look and feel slimmer in his/hers clothes. Despite the fact that proper diet and exercise are proven to be beneficial for health in many ways, still weight loss success seems to be difficult to achieve. The reasons may vary from not enough willpower to maintain a diet, to lack of determination for performing exercise, but one of the most important reasons is low self-esteem and the failure to accept that results are possible, but in the long-term with small and steady changes.

Dramatic weight loss for short time is sometimes featured in TV shows and magazines, but it is more reasonably to accept that sensible weight-loss programs have more modest goals and are rooted in self-esteem and positive body image.

No one, but yourself can make you healthier or change your attitude. You just may need an additional support and some professional expertise to become more confident and decide what is good for you. That support can come from family, friends, or the workplace. Wellness programs at working places makes sense for companies, because the invested resources may be well rewarded – healthier, more united and productive employees, reduced health care costs etc.

Positive influences, at your workplace or from elsewhere, can make the difference in your weight loss efforts – if you feel good about your body, you tend to have high self-esteem. In today’s modern culture youth and physical attraction are highly desired – women may feel pressure to be young and glamorous, while men may bother about a beer belly, hair loss or being short of stature.

Such concern over body image, especially for women, can start early and bring serious consequences. A young girl worried about her weight may later lead to adopt poor eating habits, which may eventually result in bone loss. While proper nutrition and regular exercise (cardio and resistant training) promote bone health along with plenty of other benefits.

The three major areas essential to achieve and maintain a healthy weight are:

  • What you’ll eat – food choices, cooking and preparation, and how you enjoy your food;
  • Physical activity – how much movement, what activities you choose to participate in and how much intentional physical exercise you perform;
  • Attitude – how you deal with self-esteem problems and different psychological barriers.

Rapid weight loss is often unrealistic for most people. A healthy weight loss, typically, is estimated to be of no more than two pounds per week, which indicates slow and gradual process. Many people may underestimate celebrating small victories and to reinforce one another’s progress. Supportive people may be able to give you the emotional stimulation and support you need, in order to succeed.

In reality true wellness may be the result of interaction between multiple components: physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual, social, career, etc.


Here are some key weight loss motivation ideas to improve your skills for developing a healthy body image and self-esteem:

  • Be independent of what the scale may say. – Guide away from negative thinking and subconscious prejudices. Learn to appreciate your efforts and appraise even the small improvements, feel good in your body and enjoy what you are doing “right now” – in present time.
  • Manage to come to peace and accept yourself the way you are. – Establish acceptance of your body image in the present form. Self-acceptance allows you to channel your energy into actual changes in behavior, rather than struggling with negative thoughts like: “would I, could I, should I”.
  • Create a positive mental perspective. – The attitude, desire and conscious effort that you put into a situation greatly determines the outcome, and moreover affects whether you will expect good outcomes or will be discouraged by negative ones.
  • Encourage yourself with positive self-talking. – Positive self-talking may reinforce the qualities and skills within you. Self-talk messages, like “Never back down”, or “Don’t give up” may affect your unconscious mind and may improve your confidence and determination, but you have to think of a way to constantly remind yourself such slogans.
  • Try to stay away from comparisons. – Beauty (and body shape, and image) is a multi-dimensional combination of a variety of aspects, qualities and attributes, and depend on an individual basis that is in a constant state of change. Acknowledge your personal unique expressions of beauty and monitor your own physical, mental and then visual progress.
  • Build your self-confidence and rely on yourself. – No matter how hard it is, each time you attempt a task that is outside of your comfort zone, and achieve even the tiniest success, you may experience a stronger degree of confidence and inner satisfaction.
  • Reward yourself for missions you’ve accomplished – Allow and prepare positive incentives to keep you on track with your weight loss progress, to recognize the effort you are putting into your body image program.
  • Give yourself and others a praise. – Acknowledge the positive outcome of your endeavors for your personal wellness and regularly give, and receive compliments.
  • Share your interest and progress with others. – Sharing your healthy living goals with others may help you to stay on track with your weight loss routine. Value the advantages that supportive friends, relatives and colleagues may bring into your life. Take the time to be regularly in touch with nature and the environment, which may help you to relax and “recharge your batteries”.

Source by Diyan Dimitrov


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