Weight Loss Motivation – How To Win A Health Challenge


Weight loss motivation can be tough to come by. Especially in the morning. It’s easy to come up with weight loss motivation at the end of a day when you’ve overeaten and you feel lousy. You be all full of resolve when you’re stuffed.

You know what I mean, don’t you? You go to bed feeling all fat and overstuffed and you vow that you are finished overeating. You’ll never binge or eat junk food again. You WILL get on that healthy eating program tomorrow! You WILL exercise.

Then tomorrow comes, and all that motivation goes down the tubes. You forget your resolve.

Food starts calling to you. Cookies and burgers beckon. The sofa, the bed, every soft chair–they all seem to issue special invitations just for you, luring you to their comfort, convincing you that the idea of going to a gym or going for a walk or getting on a treadmill or putting on an exercise DVD are all really dumb ideas.

How can you get motivation that’s so powerful it can overcome these barriers to your dieting success?

How can you find this motivation in the middle of a busy, stressful day, especially when you’re surrounded by tempting foods and all those manipulative cushioned seats?

The best motivation comes from within, from a desire to feel great in your body and from a desire to move comfortably. It can also come from a desire to look good. And it can also come from some exterior reward… like money.

One of the best ways to come up with weight loss motivation is to enter some kind of dieting or health challenge. When you create a competition with others, especially if you’re in competition for a great prize, you can often create the motivation you need to succeed.

You can get into a health or fat loss challenge in two ways.


First, you can come up with a do-it-yourself challenge. Find friends or family members who want to lose weight or get in shape. Decided on an amount of money or some other reward (each should contribute equally), and put it all in a prize pot. If it’s money, open a special account for the money and keep good records of who contributed what.

Decide on the rules–how you’ll determine the winner (by most weight lost, most fat lost, most inches lost, or most profound visual change (or a combination of all three)) and then create intention statements to make a record of your participation in the challenge. Set a date for the end of the challenge.

A second way you can get into a challenge in order to get motivation is to find one sponsored by a health and wellness or a diet or fitness company. You can also sometimes find them sponsored by fitness magazines. Doing a search for weight loss contest or health challenge can often give you several options.

Many business sponsored challenges require you to use their products. You’ll want to enter these only if you feel confident in the quality of their products. There’s nothing wrong with buying nutritional products to help you with a diet, especially if doing so makes you eligible to win prize money! Still, don’t commit to one of these challenges and buy all those products unless you’re serious about attempting to win the prize.

Health challenges can be an excellent way to come up with that drive you need to reach your health and fitness goals. There’s nothing wrong with using the promise of money or a trip or some other prize as a way to find your weight loss motivation.

Source by Andrea Waggener


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