Weight Loss Motivation – Channeling Thinking for a Thinner You


Sitting and thinking about how great your life will be once you lose weight is the wrong outlook. You need to be feeling better about yourself while you are losing weight, or you probably never will get where you want to go. Your attitude is a powerful part of weight loss motivation, because if you don’t believe you can get rid of those extra pounds and, more importantly, keep them off, you have very little chance for success.


Changing your lifestyle is a necessary part of the equation for weight loss because if you were eating what you should and exercising regularly, you wouldn’t have any need for weight loss motivation. Once you come to the obvious reason for your weight gain, you must then wrestle with any self-doubt you might have in your ability to modify your ways and drop the pounds.

If doubt creeps into your mind, it can negate what you are capable of doing as far as losing weight and maintaining good health. Whether you accept it or not, your subconscious beliefs are what stimulate weight loss motivation or leave you overweight.

Junk Thoughts and Junk Foods

Of course, junk food contributes to added fat, but junk thoughts are even more of a problem. Whenever you are gaining weight that you can’t drop, you can be assured that the primary problem begins in your brain. If you have grown to believe that junk food is good for you or doesn’t do any harm, and that it doesn’t have anything to do with your weight problems, you have adopted junk thinking, and all your efforts are wasted until you purge your brain of such thoughts.

Who Is Naturally Thin

It may seem that some people never need to consider nutrition or exercise because they naturally stay thin. You may be envious of these people for having something you don’t have, but the truth is you are able to slim down and stay that way, too, if you will only get some weight loss motivation and a positive attitude.

It should be no wonder that the reason why people are “naturally” slim is that they have developed the mind to master the matter of their bodies. They don’t lust for junk foods and sit on their rears every chance they get. They realize the value of good, tasty, nutritious food and they stay active.

Computerize Your Mind

Our brains are like the central processing unit (the hard drive) of a personal computer. If we load the right software, and maintain our system so it runs the way it should, we won’t get viruses or bloated file folders. Our systems won’t crash, so we can keep on computing, just the way we want. It is simple to make the changes necessary to your own ‘mind software’ and I can provide you will the tools to do just that.

Let me show you how to correct your thinking and get you back to a trimmer and happier you. Once your mind gets on your side with weight loss motivation, there won’t be any reason for you to worry about your weight ever again.

Source by Carolyn Hansen


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