Weight Loss Motivation


Being overweight can be due to many things. Sometimes it’s in the genes to a certain extent, other times it’s over eating, and sometimes it’s eating the wrong foods.

No-one likes being overweight. It can slow you down, make you feel unwell, and makes buying clothes a nightmare rather than a pleasure.

How many times have you heard people say “But I don’t eat that much”, and the sad thing is that at times this is possibly true.

If you want to lose weight the first helpful thing you can do is make a note of your daily intake. Be honest and don’t leave anything out. You can then examine what you’ve consumed to see how you can reduce, or cut out, certain foods.

Many foods which appear to be “healthy foods” can also be fattening. It’s important to learn what these are and to know that what you’re digesting is right for your body.

Set yourself a sensible goal. In other words don’t expect to lose too much weight in a week. Slow weight loss is preferable as it’s more likely to stay off than if you lose it too fast. The body can’t cope with rapid loss and will try to compensate by storing up fat.

If you’re in an occupation that involves regular contact with others, especially others you’re attempting to sell a product or service to, being overweight could put you at a disadvantage. This is especially the case when facing competition.

Circumstances such as these should act as a powerful weight loss motivator.


Some people need less of certain types of food than others, so it’s important you get to know your body well. Think of what you have been consuming in a day and try gradually to decrease the amount of fattening foods.

Don’t think of yourself as being on a diet. That is not the point of the exercise. Think of it more as changing your way of life.

If you’re in a job that requires a lot of physical effort you need to be able to cope. If you should demonstrate an inability to do so, your position may come up for review. Another powerful weight loss motivator.

Plan your day around three meals. Set the times for each meal and this will become implanted in your mind and stop you from thinking about snacks.

If you’re travelling around all day, start with a substantial breakfast. This will keep the hunger pangs at bay. Prepare a light lunch the night before, put it in the fridge overnight and eat it at a set time if possible, before taking a short walk at lunchtime.

If you’re in an office environment you can still make a little time for a short walk around the shops or in a park. It will make you feel better, get the blood flowing, and help you to work with more energy for the rest of the day.

In fact you should balance any sedentary occupation with an appropriate level of physical exercise.

It’ll work wonders for your health, and that should be the most powerful  weight   loss   motivation  of all!

Source by Lisa Mills


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