Weight Loss Motivation


Your success in losing weight is very dependent on your weight loss motivation.

What is YOUR motivation? Do you REALLY want to lose weight? We all know that this for some people can be one of life’s biggest challenges. It takes a lot of intention to see it through. Eating habits form comfort zones for some of us and getting out of these zones can be very difficult and that depends on your weight loss motivation.

Losing weight can improve your life on so many levels. Looking good, feeling better. If you decide to take this plunge and do it, you will improve your life and lifestyle. You first must have a strong intention to lose weight. This ultimately is your key to healthy weight loss success.

What is the reason I want to lose this weight? Just answering “I just think it would be nice to lose a few kilo’s or pounds”? That answer is not going to work!. It doesn’t have the necessary intention for achieving a goal of losing real weight.

Your intention to lose weight must have some good strong UMPH behind it. Why? Because it’s human nature to give up easily on anything that isn’t backed by some real UMPH.

If you decide to lose weight, THEN MAKE SURE YOU ARE DOING IT FOR YOU. If you are doing it to please others, you will fail! You must decide to do this for you and THERE MUST BE REWARDS. It is the rewards that will give you the UMPH to succeed. Set yourself a simple achievable goal that you can win at, then REWARD YOUR SELF. Now you can set yourself another achievable goal.

You see people all around you that need to lose weight. Overweight and obesity is wide spread these days. If you could ask each one if they’ve ever tried to lose weight either by dieting or exercising, you will probably get a one hundred percent to say yes.

What happened? They gave up and quit trying. It was all too hard. They stopped caring.

This is the hump you must overcome by having the motivation to succeed. You can break those habits, but it takes time and intention. You must improve your eating habits, but don’t try to do it all at once. It will probably be too hard. The key is to create a positive intention to win.

There is a lot of doubt out there about dieting and losing weight. A lot of that information is inaccurate, which is the reason so many fail. Read the information I have to offer and you can win!


Can you remember when you were slim and wore smaller dress sizes? How did you feel then? You need to have a good strong image of that in your mind!

Go to your photo album. Put a photo of a happier slimmer you on your dressing table or some conspicuous place where you are going see it daily. Let this be a reminder of your goal.

Let that be your image of success and let that drive you onward to reach your goal.There is some good and reliable advice available on this subject, advice that can guide you to those wonderful smaller dress sizes again.

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