Weight Loss For Vegetarians


Aren’t all vegetarians thin and aren’t vegetarian  diets  fundamentally healthy? The truth is many vegetarian diets are very unhealthy and many vegetarians struggle with weight control just like others.

I am not vegetarian but I occasionally adopt a vegetarian diet for a few months. I once gained about 20 pounds in six weeks from a vegetarian diet and shocked myself! It seems I was eating a lot of pizza, pasta, and even potato chips and I just piled on the weight. Incessant snacking on high carb treats didn’t help either. My niece, a vegetarian for the last two years, has packed on a good 35+ unhealthy pounds as well!


Vegetarians need to watch what they eat just like non-vegetarians. If you are vegetarian and want to lose a few pounds, start by keeping a food log where you list exactly what and when you eat. You may be eating much more than you think, and much more of it may be junk food.

Exercise is also important. Are you getting any? Most adults cannot lose or maintain a healthy  weight  without some form of regular exercise,  regardless of diet. It doesn’t need to be “official” exercise, but anything that gets you moving, for example walking, gardening, or playing outside with children.

If you are exercising regularly, seem to be eating reasonable well, yet still are a chubby vegetarian, consider counting calories or maybe upping your exercise. The same rules apply as for non-vegetarians.

Many people don’t eat meat for several reasons. Just being a vegetarian doesn’t mean you  diet , and  weight , are healthy. Even  vegans  can have  weight  control problems.

Source by Harold Baldwin


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