Weight Loss For Teenage Girls


Weight loss for teenage girls is never easy and if you want to do it successfully, then you need to pay attention. At this age you have a very big change to start a healthy lifestyle and be fit your whole life but this takes time and hard work. There are no magic pills or supplements that burn away your fat.

Why people fail to lose weight?

It is really important to understand first, why 95% of people fail to lose weight permanently. Millions of people are on some kind of a diet, but without any real success, the main reason is not the lack of   motivation  or desire, but the lack of knowledge.

The reason why most diets fail, is that they are not permanent, they are temporary solutions. You can´t achieve success with temporary diets. If a diet lasts for 12 weeks, then what happens after these 12 weeks? And most diets work by cutting calories, but the more calories you cut the harder your body fights to hold on to the fat. Reducing calories drastically signals the body that you are starving, so to “survive” the body holds on to the calories that are fat. Fat is nothing more than energy reservoir, sitting there when you need it.

And weight loss is not fat loss. The key is to lose fat not weight, they are not the same at all. Strict diets make you lose muscle even more than fat. But muscle is the furnace that burns calories. The more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn. Losing muscle is a very bad thing.


So how do you lose fat (not weight) when cutting calories with diets does not work?

To lose fat you need a calorie deficit. You can make a deficit in two ways: you can either cut your calories with diets or burn calories with exercise. The best option of all is to combine both of them. The real key to lose fat successfully is reducing your calories just below your maintenance level. A maintenance level is when you do not lose any weight and do not gain any weight.

For example if your maintenance level 2000 calories a day, then reducing it to 1600 calories is safe. That way you do not lose muscle mass and your body´s alarm bells do not go off. Then you should start exercising at least 3-4 times a week doing both aerobic and weight training. Do not be afraid of weight training, you will not become a huge bodybuilder. Weight training stimulates muscle growth.

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