Weight Loss – A Life Changing Journey


According to the National Health and Examination Survey, obesity trends all over the U.S. are continuously on the rise. A whopping 33.8% or one-third of adults and 17% of children and adolescents all over America are obese; making these people an easy target for heart disease and diabetes. It is in all clarity that a drastic change must be done to prevent any debilitating effects of obesity; a healthy weight loss for a longer and healthier life.

Apart from what statistics say or what the numbers show it is a fact that being overweight or being obese has detrimental consequences not just to the physical aspect of a person but also emotionally and psychologically. It is commonly seen in weight loss TV shows how obese parents feel the regret of not being able to spend time with their kids; play basketball, ride a bike or to simply enjoy their time with their children outdoors. And, most teenagers and young adults that we see suffer for having low confidence in interacting with their peers or meeting new people as certain standards have been set by the media. Although the main concern is for ones total wellness, a mixture of different things are added on that gives more pressure. So, when one decides to embark on a weight loss journey it is not without difficulty. Staying on the right track and making smarter choices on the food or the daily activities that a person does is not just a physical challenge, to achieve a healthy weight loss that is long-term, a person has to win over psychological battles and find balance in moments of emotional instability.

From a life of unhealthy choices and inactivity to waking up in the morning and choosing to eat the right stuff and exercise is a challenge. Preventing one’s self from picking up the phone to get pizza for dinner which is a lot easier compared to cooking one’s own meal is also an endeavor. Losing weight the healthy way requires full commitment, it is not a one time thing to just yo-yo back to the old ways when it’s done. The weighing scale and clothes sizes can give numeric value to the goal achieved; but it will not give value to every ounce of pain endured, to every moment that the motivation is kept alive and to every single thing one can learn from one’s self.

Weight loss is a life changing journey; it is re-teaching a person to live and to fight for a healthier life. It is not all about surviving and to simply stay alive but it is about living for one’s family, friends but most importantly for one’s self.


Source by Ana O Aviso


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