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But before we share with you what those exercise are, let’s talk real quickly about what bodybuilding is…. Weight Lifting Workout enables an individual to sustain the daily pressures of life look forward to the day with renewed vigor. A treadmill is a low impact exercise machine.

One of the best choices with consumers due to its ease of use and low cost is weight lifting workout bench. In today’s world where most of the jobs are sedentary and required little to no full body activity, exercise has become a necessity and a chore instead of a normal part of a person’s daily life.


You can choose to integrate some of these alternative training techniques with your weight training routines on the same day, as alternative workouts on separate days of the week, or even as separate training cycles where you try some of these techniques for several weeks at a time before cycling back to a traditional weight lifting workout. Your weight training should be just that, training with weights and not mixing cardio with it. The goal of weight lifting workouts is to go into the gym and stimulate muscle growth, not to annihilate the muscles.

The exercises may be done too quickly, or maybe I’m cheating in my training, or maybe there isn’t enough weight on the barbell. When performing Static Contraction Training, your objective is to statically (without motion) hold the maximum amount of weight you can in your strongest range of motion for 5-10 seconds.


A standard but effective dumbbell exercise is generally conducted as follows. Place one dumbbell in each hand and use you arms to lift the dumbbells up to shoulder height. Sometimes at work you can find an object of about 2 – 5 pounds to substitute as a dumbbell. Fad workouts and equipment have come and gone, but dumbbell workouts have remained an easy, inexpensive way to get in shape and strengthen muscles.

Advantages of Dumbbell weight lifting workouts… in just one workout you do flat bench, incline, decline, pecs deck, dumbbell fly, cable cross overs… and then for biceps you’ve got barbell curls, dumbbell curls, preacher curls, cable curls, machine curls, and the list goes on…. If you have to swing a dumbbell to lift it, or “cheat” with other parts of your body, the weight is too heavy and should be decreased.


This edition will focus on building mass for your chest, which in turn helps create explosive power for your bench. This is not power lifting. I’ve always believed in the power of music. Just

Find the music that motivates you and keeps your mind occupied, and burn right through those reps.


Well, if you want a workout that can help propel you to the next fitness level, burn more calories, increase your speed, improve your power and more, then it’s time to learn more about this effective technique. Strengthening your core will directly fortify the joints in your elbows, shoulders, and knees, thus providing more raw power for your arms and legs. Enjoy your Weight Lifting Workout and you will feel better in as little time as possible.

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