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Weight lifting women and men should include a combination of oblique exercises, abdominal exercises, and lower back exercises for a comprehensive core training program.

Too often gym-goers are overly concerned with the abdominal muscles, and as such spend an excessive amount of time focused on the “beach muscles” performing solely abdominal crunches.

Although it’s important to strengthen the abdominal muscles or trunk flexors, equally important are the lower back muscles and the oblique muscles.

Imbalances in exercise selection and implementation will often lead to muscular imbalances which can alter joint function and movement leading eventually to pain and/or injury.

For weight lifting women and men, this focus on the posterior chain and the rotational muscles can create a more solid foundation for all of your weight training program exercises.

With a stronger core, one should be able to push better (through the upper and lower body), pull better, and rotate with more strength and power.

Although weight training should include some form of outside resistance whether through the addition of dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, tubing, or some other form of load, our clients benefit greatly during the initial stages of their weight lifting programs by following a series of bodyweight exercises.

Following these bodyweight exercises teaches proper muscle recruitment and activation. This focus on proper technique should allow for improved results as additional load is introduced.


As exciting as it can be too fast forward to more advanced weight training protocols, our weight lifting women and men have experienced the greatest improvements by strengthening their foundations.

Lower back exercises and oblique exercises along with a strong focus on correcting muscular imbalances have proven to be a determining factor in client success down the road.

Whether your goal is to improve overall health, experience weight loss or fat loss, lose 5 pounds, lose 10 pounds, or prevent osteoporosis, you can’t go wrong by including a more detailed core exercise routine into your weight training program.

Source by David Bohmiller


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