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I want to share with you weight lifting routines that maximize your strength while getting your muscles to grow. This technique is what I call the 4 to 2 workout. It means 4 seconds on the negative (resisting the weights to move) and 2 seconds on the positive (forcing the weights to move.)

This is a very basic routine using the standard weight lifting exercises, but can be incorporated into any system you use.

A real quick lesson on Positive and Negative in weight training.

Positive – Forcing the weights to move is considered positive. Ex. When you curl up with your bicep curls, or pull down with your triceps extension or pushing up with your chest on the flat   bench , etc.

Negative – Resisting the weights to move. Ex. When you are lowering the bicep curl, or bringing the triceps back up from the extension, or lowering the  weights  to your chest on the flat  bench .

Using the Flat  Bench  as the example;

Flat  Bench  – standard flat  bench  using the barbell, stack a  weight  that will challenge you, but don’t do your max. The goal in this exercise is focus. You lift the barbell into the start position above the mid section of your chest, and lower it slowly taking the entire 4 seconds to get to your chest. Now do not, I repeat, do not touch your chest. Keep it about 1 inch above your chest. This keeps the tension in the pecks and doesn’t allow them to relax. Then press it up back to the starting position using the full 2 seconds. Another thing is do not allow your elbows to lock, that is very bad for the joint.


You would use this method with any exercise. Just make sure that you understand the difference between positive and negative.

My Weight Lifting Routines:

Chest – Flat  bench , incline  bench , decline  bench , and fly machine.

Biceps – Standing bicep curls with dumbbells, standing hammer style curls with dumbbells, standing reverse curls with curl bar, and dumbbell fly extension curls.

Triceps – Rope pull down, reverse pull down, over the head dumbbell extensions, and dips.

Back – Seated row, lat pull downs, back flies, and pull ups

Legs – Incline leg press, squats, leg curls, and leg extensions.

If you follow this routine, mixing it up a bit, with Chest and Triceps one day, Back and Biceps another, and Shoulders and Legs another, you will see your strength increase in major ways and the size grow.

Source by Bo Nelson


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