Weight Lifting Program Charts – 3 Tips To Set Up Your Own


Do you want to reach your weight lifting goals faster? If so, then create your own weight lifting program chart. You can have this chart made commercially or with some simple poster board you can find in an office supply store. Take these three tips to customize your own chart and get to the next level.


Second, design a picture of what you will REALISTICALLY look like when you reach your goal. For example, 12 weeks from now you may design a picture of yourself with 3% less body fat, a slightly bigger chest, and slightly bigger arms. Whether you cut and paste pictures from websites and fitness magazines, or whether you design this picture using software on your computer, create a realistic picture which you can place on your weight lifting program chart.

The final step is to place your weight lifting program chart above eye level. Whether you place it on the wall above your computer desk, near the top of your mirror in the bathroom, or any other location be sure to place your chart where you have to look slightly up to see it. Looking up at something you envision for the future is a quick tip to help train your brain to make it more realistic. If you were to go a movie and sit near the front of the theater you will have to look up to see the screen; but if you sit in a university lecture hall chances are that you have to look down to see the professor. Which one caused you to have better retention or recall? Chances are that if you are like most people, you will remember more from the movie. So place your weight lifting program chart above eye-level and note the difference.

Use these three tips to help you get to the next level in your weight lifting routines.

First, map out the step-by-step milestones you have to reach for your goal. For example, in Week One your milestones could be to join a gym and choose a weight training routine which best fits your goals. Week Two’s milestones could be to lift three days during the week, do 3 cardio sessions of 20-30 minutes each, and buy a weight lifting belt. You would map out the steps to accomplish for your specific goal on your weight lifting program chart.

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