Weight Lifting Gear – Common Questions Answered


If you’ve pondered getting started in weight lifting, but aren’t sure about all of the gear, this article is for you.  Here, we will answer some common questions about weight training equipment.

Q: Why should I train with weights?  Isn’t aerobics enough?

Aerobic exercise is good, but it’s not the whole picture.  Training with weights can gain you strength, endurance, and overall good health that mere aerobics won’t get you.  It may seem tough at first, but sticking with it is worth it.

Q: Should I use machines or free weights?

This is a big debate.  I personally side with those who choose free weights, since I believe that they provide a more balanced form of exercise.  Lifting free weights is picking heavy things up and putting them down, just like you do in real life all the time.  Machines force you into ways of movement that often aren’t quite natural.

Q: What are dumbbells and why should I choose them?

Dumbbells are weights that are designed to be held one in each hand.  Most often, they come in set weight amounts, but adjustable models are often available.  You should choose dumbbells if you are looking for straightforward, affordable weight training gear.  In short, dumbbells should be the core of your weight training arsenal.

Q: What are the advantages of barbells?

Barbells are all about building strength.  You can typically lift more weight with a barbell than you can with dumbbells for the same exercise.  For big lifts like dead lifts,   bench  presses, and squat, the barbell lets you build your strength to the maximum.


Q: What is a  weight   bench  for?

A  weight   bench  allows you do to a number of exercises that require you to be supported off the ground from underneath.  The  bench  press is quite a popular exercise, but having a  weight   bench  also allows you to do flies, curls, and even step ups.  The uses of a  weight   bench  are numerous, making it an essential piece of  weight  equipment.

Q: What is a squat rack?

A squat rack is simply a metal rack or cage that holds a barbell at about shoulder level.  You can then step under this bar, rack the weight off, and begin to squat.  One variation of the squat rack, known as a power cage, adds bars underneath you to catch the weight in the event that you need to drop it.  This makes them a bit safer than a normal squat rack.

I hope this has helped answer some of your questions concerning gear for weight lifting.  There is much to learn, so don’t stop your reading here.  The world of weight training is quite vast.

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