Weight Lifting For Fat Loss


Weight Lifting For Fat Loss, Will It Work?

About 15 years ago, I had a friend at work that talked me into going to the gym with her. I was really surprised that we worked on the weight machines with all the guys. Back then, the gym was a hang-out for boys and men and loaded with testosterone. If you go into any health club today, you see as many women as men on the weight machines, but back then we were the only women using weights. She dropped out after just a few sessions, but I kept going. I loved the way I felt after lifting weights. I was surprised at how fast I could feel the muscles building. My grandmother had osteoporosis and I knew this was a great way to reduce my chances of getting this very debilitating disease.

Here are a few exercises using weights to help you lose fat. They are a little different from the ordinary because they incorporate using “core” muscles as well as develop upper body strength. Start with 5 pound dumbbells. You may adjust this weight up or down to find a comfortable weight for you. You should be able to complete each of these exercises twice through and feel tired, but not sore. If you feel any joint pain, stop immediately. You have too much weight and need to reduce the weight. Rest the muscles for a day before doing these exercises again. Check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program if you haven’t lifted weights before.

Weight Lifting for Fat Loss: it will help you

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase bone density
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Induce Fat loss, tone muscles and create a more youthful appearance
  • Increase strength, endurance and agility

It’s important to use good body posture. Stand up straight with shoulders back and stomach tucked in.

Try Weight Lifting For Fat Loss – Arm Curl

With one dumbbell in each hand, start with your arms straight down, palms out. Curl your arms up to shoulder height. At the same time, do a knee bend. Do this slowly counting to 2 going down and 2 coming up. Repeat 15 times

Weight Lifting For Fat Loss – Shoulder Press

With one dumbbell in each hand, start with your arms at shoulder level, palms facing out. Push up slowly so the weights are straight overhead. At the same time rise up on your toes and reach up. Count to 2 going up and 2 coming down. Repeat 15 times.

Try Weight Lifting For Fat Loss – Triceps Press

This is a terrific exercise to tighten those “chicken wings”, the flabby part of the upper arm. Take your weights, one in each hand and put them together. Raise your arms above your head with the weights still together. Lower the weight behind your head. Count to 2 slowly going behind you and 2 coming back. To make this harder, stand on one leg for 10 reps and the other leg for 10 more reps.

Weight Lifting For Fat Loss – U lift

Hold the weights together in front at chest level. Move the weights horizontally apart, then curve up vertically to just above the shoulders. You should be making a large U shape in front of you. This exercise works well with a deep knee bend. Repeat 10-15 times.

Try Weight Lifting For Fat Loss – Ski Swing

Hold the weights in front at waist level, palms facing each other. Swing slowly back behind you, pressing the shoulder blades together. Bend the knees when the weights are in front and straighten when they are behind you. Repeat 15 times.

Now repeat all the exercises a second time.


If you are having trouble with your balance, start with both feet on the ground. You can switch up the legs on these exercises to make it more interesting. For example, try doing the arm curls on one leg.

Lifting weights helps you lose weight, builds and tones muscles and gives you more strength to handle the stresses of everyday life. It can also help reduce the effects of osteoporosis. If you are starting from scratch, you should start to notice results right away. Lift weights to lose fat and build muscle!

Source by Cynthia T Simmons


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