Weight Lifting For Beginners


Weight lifting is a hard thing for most people, especially beginners. When I began lifting weights I was completely lost. I do not want this to happen to you so here are five weight lifting for beginners tips:

1. This is the one weight lifting for beginners tip that many people do not do when beginning a lifting program. The majority of you probably believe that lifting weights six or seven days a week for two hours or more a day will help you to get bigger, that is wrong. The best thing you can do for yourself is to lift weights no more than four days a week, I recommend three, and to work a different muscle group each day. The reason you do this is because your muscles need time to rest which is when they build so if your lifting weights everyday your muscles can never grow because you never rest them.


2. Do not start out a weight lifting program without first setting a goal for yourself. There are weight lifting programs that help you lose weight, gain muscle, become a body builder, you name it. If you set a goal for yourself and understand what you want to accomplish you can start to get to work.

3. Starting with the first day and continuing every day of your workout program you need to keep track of your progress. You will never know if you are getting better or not if you do not keep track of it. I suggest you keep a journal of sorts that you record everything in.

4. Before working out you should do about 15 minutes of stretching and cardio workouts. This helps you to prevent injuries to the muscles by raising your body temperature.

While working out you need to remember to breathe because your muscles need the oxygen for producing energy. You also need to concentrate on the workout. If you are focusing on other things you can get sloppy on your form and technique so focus only on the workout.

5. You need to have control over the weight you are doing. Do not do jerky and fast movements as these can cause injuries. You need to focus on doing smooth and under control lifts so you prevent injuries.

If you are a beginner to the weight lifting world you probably need some tips to help you out and I hope these weight lifting for beginners tips were what you needed.

Source by Michael Parker


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