Weight Lifting For Basketball


Basketball is a sport that really does need a general cross section of fitness. You will need to develop strength, stamina and muscle power to be able to play successfully for the length of a game. Weight lifting for basketball is an essential discipline when it comes to your fitness regime. Throughout the course of the year you will need to assess the demands that you put upon your body and mind and follow a training program that will ensure that you are at your peak fitness level during the season.

As basketball is such a fast game, it is no use relying on just spending long hours in the gym with free weights building up muscle bulk. This will not be of use to you when it comes to agility and speed. It will give you the muscle power but without the ability to cover the ground quickly this will be of little use. When it comes to a program of weight lifting for basketball in particular you will need to follow a very tight regime and pay attention to the amount of bulk that you are building.

With basketball being a seasonal sport, you will need to follow a training program that has different periods. Long before the start of the season you will need to start working on your core strength. This will build a foundation of strength for the coming year. It will build stamina and will help to reduce the risk of sport related injuries. You will be following a program of heavy weights and low repetitions. This will build maximum strength. If you fail to build your stamina and strength levels at this point then you will find that your abilities in all areas will fall short of your goals. Weight lifting for basketball must be a year round discipline and this period is as important as the period immediately prior to your games.

As the season approaches, perhaps one or two months prior, you will need to move to building muscle power. This is converting the strength that you have built up into a more agile and usable power. Weights will be lighter and repetitions greater. This will give you the agility and speed that you will need to capitalise on the strength that you have built up. This muscle power should stay with you throughout the season and you should continue with training despite being in competition. You may well lose some of your muscle strength, but you must work at keeping the agility and power. With this method of weight lifting for basketball players, you should ensure that you retain the strength required for stamina just enough to keep you going and to hold injuries at bay.

During the period after the season, take some time out by all means. Do not, however, become complacent. If you do then you will find it very difficult to get back into your training regime in the next couple of months. Stick with a light weight and light rep workout on a regular basis so that you will be ready to build up strength again when you need to.


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