Weight Lifting Equipment – A Complete Know How Guide


Why Is weight lifting beneficial?

Often we see men and women, in effort to improve their fitness, unfortunately resist weightlifting. The two main reasons to perform weight lifting workouts are: weightlifting helps in losing fat and it helps in building strength and fitness with higher energy levels.

Types of weight lifting equipments:

Free weights, dumbbells and weight lifting bars constitute basic weight lifting equipment.

Free weights:

Most of the experienced weight lifters favor free weights such as fixed dumbbells. If building significant muscle mass is the only criteria for you then free weights are the best ones to use. Free weights work on principle of free movement hence require higher concentration when compared with machines. These form important components of ‘weight lifting equipment’.

Importance of fixed dumbbells and barbells and their use:

The major importance of dumbbell’s are that they can be used to perform basic exercises that helps in building and conditioning most of the muscle groups. selection of appropriate weights which are not that heavy or light for you is important. Start from lower and end up at higher weights. These are among the crucial ‘weight lifting equipment’ available today.

Olympic weights:

In order to work with Olympic weights, we need Olympic bars which have a 2 inch diameter hole to insert your Olympic weight lifting bar. The maximum weight the bar can hold is around 600kg.

Weights Bench:

Bench press is one of the most important equipment among all strength training equipments that are available in the market.The advantage of bench press is that it can be used with barbells, dumbbells, power racks, smith machines or can be used individually, the weight bench being the core of any exercise program, helps in building triceps and chest at the same time. Though not directly related to ‘weight lifting equipment’ it can be used as one crucial component in developing an awesome body.

Chest machine:

Often the site of attraction would be an awesome upper body. Imagine a person with well muscled arms, defined chest and v shaped back! what a perfect sight isn’t it? when used correctly, chest machine helps you to attain an perfectly defined chest. The single stations are designed to target specific muscle groups that promote more efficient movement and range of motion than typical machines. Major advantages being gain in strength of muscle, endurance and muscle mass acceleration.


Leg machine:

When you carefully observe any professional athletes they just have one thing in common, it’s non other than powerful leg drive. Leg muscles are the strongest muscle group and burn more fat Training the lower body is essential for performance, speed and total body strength. Great leg strength is the foundation of athletic excellence. Professional athletes in just about every sport, know that almost every movement begins with a powerful leg drive. Leg machines can be further classified as leg extension / curl machines, leg pressure and sated calf raise machines. The above mentioned are various ‘weight lifting equipment’ that are available today.

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