Weight Bench


What is a weight bench?

This refers to a prop or a tool that is used in working several body parts during fitness. The prop is mainly made of steel and enhanced with a padding to ensure that they are comfortable enough for the users. These props are very useful especially for those who wish to work out several parts of their bodies without having to use multiple exercise equipment. One advantage of these props is that they do not just keep the body fit but also limit back pains that most people suffer from during work out. Using them also help in the reduction of several other injuries that are related to exercise. Those who use them are able to trim down their bodies and health in good shape.


These props are also known as abdominal benches and are made of different designs and with various features. On every side there are feet holders that are fixed that can be inclined at intervals that are adaptable for various people. These props are used with the most attention being placed on the abdomen area; however, they are not entirely limited to the abdomen only. They can as well be used in toning down other parts of the exerciser’s body.

Types of weight benches

Abdominal benches are built with an array of several qualities and features. This boils down to the different types that are used in a variety of exercises. They are also made into different styles for various functions depending on the needs and preferences of the exercisers. Some of the benches are flat and stationary that can be used in performing simple presses while others are multi functional and can be used in conducting different exercises in various positions. Some of the types include:

Flat bench

This is one of the basic types and as the name suggests, they are flat with cushioning for back support. These are very efficient in dumbbell workouts. This type of bench can be used in performing several workouts like chest press, lying triceps extensions and even dumbbell rows.

Dumbbell weight benches

This kind of special abdominal are used for lifting dumbbells and not bar bells as some people tend to think. They are basically simple flat benches that do not have barbell racks and are also designed into various other models. Some of the models are adjustable in their upper halves to give room for use at different angles and even intensities.

Other types include Incline bench, decline bench, Olympic benches, preacher and so many more.

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