Weight Bench Uses


Weight Bench Applications

The weight bench is probably the most effective piece of equipment found within weight lifting. Truly, individuals who usually choose the high-tech equipment located at fitness centers love working out on the flat weight bench. The reason is that there are so many workout routines that can be accomplished using the flat weigh bench. The weight bench can be kept flat or reclined in order to use the forces of gravity and increase the amount of resistance which is essential for physical exercising.


The flat weight bench along with the neck harness can be excellent for working out the neck. You are able to do this merely by lying down on the bench and extending your head and neck off the end of the bench. Moving your head from top to bottom while extended off of the end of the bench will strengthen your neck muscles. Make certain to begin this work out gradually the first time without weight to get use to the movement. A neck strain is no fun.

Pec Workout

The weight bench is ideal for building and sculpting your chest muscles. The flat bench press may possibly be the single best physical exercise with regard to building pectoral muscle mass. You will be able to approach this particular exercise in different ways just by varying your hand positioning on the barbell. This really is a straightforward physical exercise, simply because it only needs you to lie down on your back and use a down and up movements to advance the barbell. The hand placement referred to above can be close grip, wide, or natural to work different areas of your pecs.

Dumbbell Fly’s

Additionally, I love to perform dumbbell fly’s along with the flat bench press in order to zero in on my pec workout routines. Dumbbell fly’s are done by lying down on the bench face-up and bringing the dumbbell’s directly upward and then out to your sides. Accomplish this activity slowly and gradually, because of the stress of possessing the weights out away from your body. You’ll extend them down and out to your side the same as if you were on a cross and then back up to the middle of your chest. I like to do three sets of each (bench and fly’s)

Abdominal muscles

The weight bench can be valuable to work your ab muscles and create a “six-pack”. You don’t really have to use weights at all simply, because the weight bench utilizes gravity for getting the job done. I like using the weight bench for this exercise vs. the traditional sit-ups and ab exercises. Take a seat at the end of the weight bench and lean back somewhat in the seated position making use of your hands holding onto the end of the bench. After that, extend your legs out in front of you and then move them back. This is really an excellent utilization of the weight bench to accomplish both a mid section and chest workout for men.


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