Want to Bench Press 300 Pounds?


Are you tired of going to the gym each week to find you are not getting any closer to benching 300 pounds. Are you like how I was, going to the gym to find I’m weaker today on the bench press than the week before. I know your pain, because I was in the same situation. I use to see people each day at the gym who would load the bar with plates, and seem like they were warming up with 300 pounds. I always said to myself one day that will be me. So i researched, and read plenty of fitness magazines for years until one day it all made sense. I’m here to say it’s really easy to build up to bench press 300 pounds and up. It will not happen overnight, but a 5 pound increase in your bench press a week can easily happen. You want to get all the muscles in the body stronger, and the bench press will follow.

Start first with the king of all exercises squats. This exercise helps rebound on the positive part of the bench press when trying to push the bar off your chest. Heavy squats have the same effect as people who are on steroids because it raises the testosterone level in the entire body. This alone will help improve the bench press. Heavy squats will add inches of muscle to the whole body over a period of time, just from doing squats. The extra muscle I’ve gained has made my bench press increase.


Another good approach to benching 300 pounds is heavy shoulder presses. This will include heavy barbell and heavy dumbbell presses. While doing these exercises, go heavy as possible to strain out 8 very heavy reps. Try to increase the weight, or reps each week to help improve the bench press. I normally do the barbell version of the shoulder press with the Smith machine so I can go heavy as possible, and keep good form. I have only explained power exercises, so you will still have to work on the smaller things, such as laterals and upright rows. Another good power exercise to do at the end of your workout is one arm dumbbell presses. While I’m doing these exercises at the end feeling exhausted, I find I’m able to concentrate more on each shoulder to give more power.

The biggest way to benching 300 pounds, is doing free weights for your triceps. Don’t do any machines what so ever. Make sure you are fully warmed up, and warm up with triceps pushdowns to get the blood flowing. It’s critical that your elbows are properly warmed because this could result in tennis elbow. After warming up, start with the mother of all tricep exercises, the close grip bench press. If you’re new to this exercise, start off by doing this exercise on the Smith machine. The reason is your wrist might be weak, and could result in an injury. Start light with 10 reps and work your way up until it’s impossible to get three reps. This exercise will work your delts, chest, and triceps. Do this exercise first during every tricep workout, and make sure to go all out to pump up the triceps. The second exercise to do to for triceps are dips. Don’t do dips with machines because the weighted machine takes some of your body weight off. Choose the machine that allows you to use 100% of your weight. When performing this exercise, I prefer to go all the way down then all the way back up. I know people say to lower your body only halfway down to keep the strain only on the tricep and not the chest, but this is the way I like doing it. This way I work my triceps and chest to the fullest extent all in one exercise.

The things discussed in this article, on getting a big bench press, isn’t how to use proper technique. I’m explaining ways to bench 300 pounds in a short period of time. If you follow a program like this, loads of muscle will come fast, as along as a good diet is followed. While this article will help improve poundage on the bench press, if you are not eating enough protein every two, or three hours, you will not succeed. When I want to bench 300 pounds, I consume 50 grams of protein 5 to 6 times a day. This will help the muscles recover from the brutal workout, and also repair them to get stronger. You should push to consume at least 2.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. After following this program, and consuming this diet, my bench press was up to 420. I used protein powders to supplement for the large amount of protein I used each day. Optimum nutrition is a great company with cheap prices on whey protein, so even on a budget you can load up on protein. Another of my favorites from the company optimum nutrition is Serious Mass. This protein comes with over 1000 calories and 50 grams of protein. It also comes with over 200 grams of carbs and a small amount of creatine. I normally take this right after I finish a big workout to fuel my muscles quickly. After working out hard for an hour or two, the body has a window of 30 to 40 minutes where it’s really important to take in the right amount of protein, carbs, and sugars. In this window, protein shakes should be used to accomplish this because the body digest liquids quicker than eating chicken and rice. In this time, I take in my Serious Mass shake. Only take one serious mass shake per day. Consuming more than one serving could result in having a belly.

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